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Fiche, A. Co Author Listing * Analysis of X-Band SAR Sea-Clutter Distributions at Different Grazing Angles

Fichera, O. Co Author Listing * Automatic Acquisition of Visual Models for Image Recognition

Fichon, E. Co Author Listing * Color histogram equalization through mesh deformation

Fichot, C.G.[Cedric G.] Co Author Listing * Improving the Transferability of Suspended Solid Estimation in Wetland and Deltaic Waters with an Empirical Hyperspectral Approach
* Underway Hyperspectral Bio-Optical Assessments of Phytoplankton Size Classes in the River-Influenced Northern Gulf of Mexico
Includes: Fichot, C.G.[Cedric G.] Fichot, C.G.[CÚdric G.]

Fichtelmann, B.[Bernd] Co Author Listing * Important Variables of a RapidEye Time Series for Modelling Biophysical Parameters of Winter Wheat

Fichtenberger, H.[Hendrik] Co Author Listing * Signal/Background Classification of Time Series for Biological Virus Detection

Fichter, W. Co Author Listing * Cramer-Rao Lower Bound for State-Constrained Nonlinear Filtering

Fichtinger, G. Co Author Listing * Coupled Global Registration and Segmentation Framework With Application to Magnetic Resonance Prostate Imagery, A
* CTREC: C-arm tracking and reconstruction using elliptic curves
* Image Segmentation and Modeling of the Pediatric Tricuspid Valve in Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
* Image-Guided Interventional Robotics: Lost in Translation?
* Prostate Brachytherapy Seed Reconstruction With Gaussian Blurring and Optimal Coverage Cost
* REDMAPS: Reduced-Dimensionality Matching for Prostate Brachytherapy Seed Reconstruction
* Targeted Prostate Biopsy Using Statistical Image Analysis
* Ultrasound Elastography: A Dynamic Programming Approach
* Use of Needle Track Detection to Quantify the Displacement of Stranded Seeds Following Prostate Brachytherapy
Includes: Fichtinger, G. Fichtinger, G.[Gabor]
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Fichtner, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Neighbourhood Species Richness Reduces Crown Asymmetry of Subtropical Trees in Sloping Terrain

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