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Fezza, S.A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive colorization-based compression for stereoscopic images
* Asymmetric coding of stereoscopic 3D based on perceptual significance
* Color calibration of multi-view video plus depth for advanced 3D video
* Efficient Per-Shot Transformer-Based Bitrate Ladder Prediction for Adaptive Video Streaming
* EGB: Image Quality Assessment based on Ensemble of Gradient Boosting
* Feature-Based Color Correction of Multiview Video for Coding and Rendering Enhancement
* Light Field Image Coding Using VVC Standard and View Synthesis Based on Dual Discriminator GAN
* No-reference perceptual blur metric for stereoscopic images
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
* Perceptually Driven Nonuniform Asymmetric Coding of Stereoscopic 3D Video
* Stereoscopic image quality metric based on local entropy and binocular just noticeable difference
* Towards light-compensated saliency prediction for omnidirectional images
* Universal blind image quality assessment for stereoscopic images
Includes: Fezza, S.A. Fezza, S.A.[Sid Ahmed]
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Fezzaa, K.[Kamel] Co Author Listing * X-ray tomography of extended objects: a comparison of data acquisition approaches

Fezzani, R.[Riadh] Co Author Listing * Extended Depth of Field Preserving Color Fidelity For Automated Digital Cytology

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