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Feisst, M. Co Author Listing * Dynamically optimised 3D (virtual reality) data transmission for mobile devices

Feist, C. Co Author Listing * Detection of the objects with given shape on the grey-valued pictures
* Extraction of filled-in data from colour forms

Feist, D.G.[Dietrich G.] Co Author Listing * Impact of Molecular Spectroscopy on Carbon Monoxide Abundances from TROPOMI

Feiszli, M. Co Author Listing * Don't Judge an Object by Its Context: Learning to Overcome Contextual Bias
* FP-NAS: Fast Probabilistic Neural Architecture Search
* Numerical Computation of Weil-Peterson Geodesics in the Universal Teichmüller Space
* Only Time Can Tell: Discovering Temporal Data for Temporal Modeling
* Scenes-Objects-Actions: A Multi-task, Multi-label Video Dataset
* SF-net: Single-frame Supervision for Temporal Action Localization
* Video Classification With Channel-Separated Convolutional Networks
* Video Modeling With Correlation Networks
* What Makes Training Multi-Modal Classification Networks Hard?
Includes: Feiszli, M. Feiszli, M.[Matt]
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