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Fatiaki, A.[Anselm] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Chemical Vapour Detection by Micro UAV

Fatikow, S.[Sergej] Co Author Listing * Carbon Nanotube Detection by Scanning Electron Microscopy
* Image Processing Architecture for Real-Time Micro- and Nanohandling Applications

Fatima, A.[Areeba] Co Author Listing * Discussion on comparative analysis and a new attack on optical asymmetric cryptosystem
* Gyrator wavelet transform
* Image authentication using a vector beam with sparse phase information

Fatima, E.B. Co Author Listing * Study of efficiency k-means clustering using Z-test proprieties

Fatima, K.[Khunsa] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Three-Hourly TMPA Rainfall Products Using Telemetric Rain Gauge Observations at Lai Nullah Basin in Islamabad, Pakistan

Fatima, N.[Nayab] Co Author Listing * Automatic optic disk detection and segmentation by variational active contour estimation in retinal fundus images

Fatima, S.[Shameem] Co Author Listing * Computer vision-based object recognition for the visually impaired in an indoors environment: a survey

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