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El Oirrak, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * 3-D Search engine based on Fourier series, A
* 3D search engine based on 3D curve analysis, A
* Affine invariant descriptors for color images using Fourier series
* Affine invariant descriptors using Fourier series
* Estimation of general 2D affine motion using Fourier descriptors

El Ouaazizi, A. Co Author Listing * Crack defect detection and localization using genetic-based inverse voting Hough transform
* rotation symmetry group detection technique for the characterization of Islamic Rosette Patterns, A
Includes: El Ouaazizi, A. El-Ouaazizi, A. El ouaazizi, A.[Aziza]

El Ouadrhiri, A.A.[Abderrahmane Adoui] Co Author Listing * Fast-Tracking Application for Traffic Signs Recognition

El Ouafdi, A.F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive kernel for triangular meshes smoothing
* Anisotropic adaptive method for triangular meshes smoothing
* Global diffusion method for smoothing triangular mesh
Includes: El Ouafdi, A.F. El Ouafdi, A.F.[Ahmed Fouad]

El Ouardi, A. Co Author Listing * HOOFR: An enhanced bio-inspired feature extractor

El Ouazzani, R. Co Author Listing * Bag-of-features for image memorability evaluation
* Rules of photography for image memorability analysis
Includes: El Ouazzani, R. El-Ouazzani, R.[Rajae]

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