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Dovgalecs, V.[Vladislavs] Co Author Listing * Human Daily Activities Indexing in Videos from Wearable Cameras for Monitoring of Patients with Dementia Diseases
* Place Recognition via 3D Modeling for Personal Activity Lifelog Using Wearable Camera
* Spot It! Finding Words and Patterns in Historical Documents
Includes: Dovgalecs, V.[Vladislavs] Dovgalecs, V.

Dovgaluk, Y.[Yulia] Co Author Listing * Investigation of Thundercloud Features in Different Regions

Dovgan, E. Co Author Listing * Contact-Free Monitoring of Physiological Parameters in People With Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities

Dovgard, R. Co Author Listing * Holographic Image Representation with Reduced Aliasing and Noise Effects

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