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Dlay, S.[Satnam] Co Author Listing * improved sliding mode control (SMC) approach for enhancement of communication delay in vehicle platoon system, An
* Social Force Model-Based MCMC-OCSVM Particle PHD Filter for Multiple Human Tracking
Includes: Dlay, S.[Satnam] Dlay, S.

Dlay, S.S. Co Author Listing * Building a Globally Optimized Computational Intelligent Image Processing Algorithm for On-Site Inference of Nitrogen in Plants
* Complete Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Based Image Matrix and Its Application to Face Biometrics, A
* Discriminant analysis of the two-dimensional Gabor features for face recognition
* Image-based facial recognition in the domain of high-order polynomial one-way mapping
* Iris feature extraction using principally rotated complex wavelet filters (PR-CWF)
* Maximum a posteriori-based approach to blind nonlinear underdetermined mixture
* Multi-gradient features and elongated quinary pattern encoding for image-based facial expression recognition
* Multi-linear neighborhood preserving projection for face recognition
* New methodology for adaptive vector quantisation
* Non-linear independent component analysis using series reversion and Weierstrass network
* Nonlinear blind signal separation with intelligent controlled learning
* Nonlinear blind source separation using a hybrid RBF-FMLP network
* Randomized Radon Signature for face biometric verification
* Region-of-interest extraction in low depth of field images using ensemble clustering and difference of Gaussian approaches
* Regularised nonlinear blind signal separation using sparsely connected network
* Robust feature extraction and salvage schemes for finger texture based biometrics
* Robust Iris Segmentation Method Based on a New Active Contour Force With a Noncircular Normalization
* Robust Sclera Recognition System With Novel Sclera Segmentation and Validation Techniques
* Sclera recognition: on the quality measure and segmentation of degraded images captured under relaxed imaging conditions
* Spatio-temporal modelling with multi-gradient features and elongated quinary pattern descriptor for dynamic facial expression recognition
Includes: Dlay, S.S. Dlay, S.S.[Satnam S.]
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