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Dinstein, I.[Its'hak] Co Author Listing * email: Dinstein, I.[Its'hak]: dinstein AT eesrv ee bgu ac il
* Adaptive shape prior for recognition and variational segmentation of degraded historical characters
* Algorithm for Polygonal-Approximation Based on Iterative Point Elimination, An
* Aligning transcript of historical documents using energy minimization
* Ancient Hebraic Handwriting Identification with Run-Length Histograms
* Binarization, character extraction, and writer identification of historical Hebrew calligraphy documents
* Case Study in Hebrew Character Searching
* Classification of Hebrew Calligraphic Handwriting Styles: Preliminary Results
* Comparative Study of Neural Network Based Feature Extraction Paradigms
* Computer Recognition of Handwritten Hebrew Characters
* Computerized Classification of Color Textured Perthite Images
* Computing Geometrical Features of Digital Objects in General Purpose Image Processing Pipeline Architectures
* Computing Multi-Colored Polygonal Masks in Pipeline Architectures and Its Application to Automated Visual Inspection
* Detection of the Presence of Aliasing in Digital Image Sequences
* Eliminating Memory Overflow in Connected Component Labeling Applications
* EM Based Algorithm for Skew Detection, An
* Evolution Maps for Connected Components in Text Documents
* Extraction of specified objects from binary images using object based erosion transform: application to Hebrew calligraphic manuscripts
* Fast Discrimination Between Homogeneous and Textured Regions
* Feature Extraction by Neural Network Nonlinear Mapping for Pattern Classification
* Feature selection and learning curves of a multilayer perceptron chromosome classifier
* Generation of a Restored Image from a Video Sequence Recorded under Turbulence Effects
* Geometric Separation of Partially Overlapping Nonrigid Objects Applied to Automatic Chromosome Classification
* Handling Memory Overflow in Connected Component Labeling Applications
* Iterative Clustering Procedure, An
* Line Segmentation for Degraded Handwritten Historical Documents
* Local Motion Estimation and Resolution Enhancement of Video Sequences
* Matching of Partially Occluded Planar Curves
* Medial Axis Transform-Based Features and a Neural-Network for Human-Chromosome Classification
* More on the Benefit of a Third Eye for Machine Stereo Perception
* Motion Estimation in Noisy Ultrasound Images by Maximum Likelihood
* multiclass extension of discriminant mappings, A
* New maximum likelihood motion estimation schemes for noisy ultrasound images
* New Technique for Visual Motion Alarm, A
* Occluded Character Restoration Using Active Contour with Shape Priors
* On Stereo Image Coding
* Optimal Polygonal-Approximation of Digital Curves
* Parallel (PRAM EREW) Algorithms for Contour-Based 2D Shape Recognition
* Parallel Algorithms for Contour Extraction and Coding on an EREW PRAM Computer
* Parallel Computable Contour Based Feature Strings for 2-D Shape Recognition
* Polyphase back-projection filtering for image resolution enhancement
* Projection-Based Geometric Feature Extraction for Computer Vision: Algorithms in Pipeline Architectures
* Prototype Filter Design Approach to Pyramid Generation, A
* Regulated morphological operations
* Segmentation-Free Keyword Retrieval in Historical Document Images
* Shape Discrimination with Walsh Descriptors
* Spatial Clustering Procedure for Multi-Image Data, A
* System for Computerized Classification of Color Textured Perthite Images, A
* Text Line Detection in Corrupted and Damaged Historical Manuscripts
* Textural Features for Image Classification
* Using Parallel String Matching Algorithm for Contour Based 2-D Shape Recognition
* Using Scale-Space Anisotropic Smoothing for Text Line Extraction in Historical Documents
* Using Simple Decomposition for Smoothing and Feature Point Detection Of Noisy Digital Curves
* Variable block-size transform image coder
* WebGT: An Interactive Web-Based System for Historical Document Ground Truth Generation
Includes: Dinstein, I.[Its'hak] Dinstein, I.[Itshak] Dinstein, I. Dinstein, I.[Its'Hak]
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Dinstein, I.H. Co Author Listing * Matching of Partially Occluded Planar Curves

Dinsteint, I.[Its'hak] Co Author Listing * On Pattern Classification with Sammons Nonlinear Mapping: An Experimental-Study

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