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Diko, A.[Anxhelo] Co Author Listing * MS-Faster R-CNN: Multi-Stream Backbone for Improved Faster R-CNN Object Detection and Aerial Tracking from UAV Images
* Novel GAN-Based Anomaly Detection and Localization Method for Aerial Video Surveillance at Low Altitude, A

Dikongo, A.M.[Anaick Modinga] Co Author Listing * Effective Method for InSAR Mapping of Tropical Forest Degradation in Hilly Areas, An
* Sentinel-1 Shadows Used to Quantify Canopy Loss from Selective Logging in Gabon

Dikov, G.[Georgi] Co Author Listing * 3D Deep Learning for Biological Function Prediction from Physical Fields
* Calibrated Adversarial Refinement for Stochastic Semantic Segmentation
* Variational Depth Networks: Uncertainty-aware Monocular Self-supervised Depth Estimation

Dikov, V.[Veselin] Co Author Listing * Relative Pose Estimation from Two Circles

Dikova, J. Co Author Listing * Optical and Holographic Properties of Nano-Sized Amorphous Semiconductor Films as a Part of Optically Addressed Spatial Light Modulator

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