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di Napoli, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Using Software Agent Negotiation for Service Selection

di Napoli, M.[Mariano] Co Author Listing * Landslide Awareness System (LAwS) to Increase the Resilience and Safety of Transport Infrastructure: The Case Study of Pan-American Highway (Cuenca-Ecuado

di Napoli, R. Co Author Listing * TWI for an Unknown Symmetric Lossless Wall

di Nardo, E.[Emanuel] Co Author Listing * EmoP3D: A Brain Like Pyramidal Deep Neural Network for Emotion Recognition
* Unsupervised cyber bullying detection in social networks
Includes: di Nardo, E.[Emanuel] di Nardo, E.

di Natale, G.[Gianluca] Co Author Listing * Characterization of the Far Infrared Properties and Radiative Forcing of Antarctic Ice and Water Clouds Exploiting the Spectrometer-LiDAR Synergy
* FORUM Earth Explorer 9: Characteristics of Level 2 Products and Synergies with IASI-NG
* Implementation and Validation of a Retrieval Algorithm for Profiling of Water Vapor From Differential Attenuation Measurements at Microwaves
Includes: di Natale, G.[Gianluca] di Natale, G.

di Nino, N. Co Author Listing * Use of 3D modeling for archeological archiving in a sensible area

di Noia, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Greenhouse Gases from Space
* Use of A Neural Network-Based Ocean Body Radiative Transfer Model for Aerosol Retrievals from Multi-Angle Polarimetric Measurements

di Noia, T.[Tommaso] Co Author Listing * Study on the Relative Importance of Convolutional Neural Networks in Visually-Aware Recommender Systems, A
* Survey on Adversarial Recommender Systems: From Attack/Defense Strategies to Generative Adversarial Networks, A

di Nola, A. Co Author Listing * Author's reply to comments
* Designing of classification procedures with the use of equality and difference operators

di Nunzio, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Channel estimation for high speed unmanned aerial vehicle with STBC in MIMO radio links

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