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Dhali, M.A.[Maruf A.] Co Author Listing * Feature-extraction methods for historical manuscript dating based on writing style development

Dhall, A.[Abhinav] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Digital Makeup
* Analyzing Group-Level Emotion with Global Alignment Kernel based Approach
* Audio-Visual Automatic Group Affect Analysis
* Automatic Eye Gaze Estimation using Geometric & Texture-based Networks
* Automatic Group Affect Analysis in Images via Visual Attribute and Feature Networks
* Automatic Group Happiness Intensity Analysis
* Automatic Prediction of Group Cohesiveness in Images
* AV-GAZE: A Study on the Effectiveness of Audio Guided Visual Attention Estimation for Non-profilic Faces
* Classification and weakly supervised pain localization using multiple segment representation
* Collecting Large, Richly Annotated Facial-Expression Databases from Movies
* Correcting pose estimation with implicit occlusion detection and rectification
* Depth Estimation From Single Image And Semantic Prior
* discriminative parts based model approach for fiducial points free and shape constrained head pose normalisation in the wild, A
* DisguiseNet: A Contrastive Approach for Disguised Face Verification in the Wild
* Editorial for the special issue of IMAVIS on automatic face analytics for human behavior understanding
* Emotion recognition using PHOG and LPQ features
* Exemplar Hidden Markov Models for classification of facial expressions in videos
* Fast Face and Saliency Aware Collage Creation for Mobile Phones
* Finding Happiest Moments in a Social Context
* First Impressions: Predicting User Personality from Twitter Profile Images
* Frequency aware face hallucination generative adversarial network with semantic structural constraint
* Group expression intensity estimation in videos via Gaussian Processes
* Hierarchical Image Classification using Entailment Cone Embeddings
* Hierarchical System for Content Based Categorization and Orientation of Consumer Images
* Hybrid Neural Networks Based Approach for Holoscopic Micro-Gesture Recognition in Images and Videos
* Hyperrealistic Image Inpainting with Hypergraphs
* Labelling the Gaps: A Weakly Supervised Automatic Eye Gaze Estimation
* Monocular Image 3D Human Pose Estimation under Self-Occlusion
* more the merrier: Analysing the affect of a group of people in images, The
* Motion and Region Aware Adversarial Learning for Fall Detection with Thermal Imaging
* MTGLS: Multi-Task Gaze Estimation with Limited Supervision
* Multi-level Dense Capsule Networks
* Multimodal Framework for Analyzing the Affect of a Group of People
* Neural-net classification for spatio-temporal descriptor based depression analysis
* On the Effect of Human Body Parts in Large Scale Human Behaviour Recognition
* Riesz-based Volume Local Binary Pattern and A Novel Group Expression Model for Group Happiness Intensity Analysis
* Role of Group Level Affect to Find the Most Influential Person in Images
* Self-Stimulatory Behaviours in the Wild for Autism Diagnosis
* Self-Supervised Approach for Facial Movement Based Optical Flow
* Speak2Label: Using Domain Knowledge for Creating a Large Scale Driver Gaze Zone Estimation Dataset
* SSIM-based approach for finding similar facial expressions, A
* Static facial expression analysis in tough conditions: Data, evaluation protocol and benchmark
* Thermal Imaging Based Elderly Fall Detection
* Thermal spatio-temporal data for stress recognition
* Thermal super-pixels for bimodal stress recognition
* Weakly supervised pain localization using multiple instance learning
Includes: Dhall, A.[Abhinav] Dhall, A. Dhall, A.[Ankit]
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Dhalla, S.[Sabrina] Co Author Listing * Multi-model Ensemble to Classify Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Blood Smear Images

Dhalleine, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * Color Correction Problem of Image Displayed on Non-white Projection Screen
* Exploiting Color Constancy for Compensating Projected Images on Non-white Light Projection Screen

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