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Der, S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Hierarchical Segmentation Algorithm Based on Quadtree Decomposition for Hyperspectral Imagery, An
* Adaptive Segmentation Algorithm Using Iterative Local Feature Extraction for Hyperspectral Imagery, An

Der, S.Z. Co Author Listing * Automatic Target Recognition Using a Feature Decomposition and Data Decomposition Modular Neural-Network
* Combination of Two Learning Algorithms for Automatic Target Recognition
* Composite Classifiers for Automatic Target Recognition
* Dual-band Passive Infrared Imagery for Automatic Clutter Rejection
* Empirical Evaluation of Laser Radar Recognition Algorithms Using Synthetic and Real Data
* Empirical Evaluation of Neural, Statistical and Model-based Approaches to FLIR ATR
* Experimental Evaluation of FLIR ATR Approaches-A Comparative Study
* Joint Compression and Discrimination Algorithm for Clutter Rejection
* joint compression-discrimination neural transformation applied to target detection, A
* Model-Based Target Recognition in Pulsed Ladar Imagery
* Model-based Temporal Object Verification Using Video
* Probe Based Recognition of Targets in Infrared Images
* Probe-Based Automatic Target Recognition In Infrared Imagery
* Projection-based adaptive anomaly detection for hyperspectral imagery
* Technique for Ground/Image Truthing Using a Digital Map to Reduce the Number of Required Measurements
Includes: Der, S.Z. Der, S.Z.[Sandor Z.]
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