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Deflorio, F. Co Author Listing * Assessing the performance of a charge-while-driving system in urban arterial roads: insight from a microsimulation model
* Augmenting Vehicle Localization by Cooperative Sensing of the Driving Environment: Insight on Data Association in Urban Traffic Scenarios
* Dynamic charging systems for electric vehicles: Simulation for the daily energy estimation on motorways
* Macro-analysis of the evolution of motorised mobility and relationships with the development of motionless communication systems
* Model-based approach for estimating energy used by traffic flows on motorways with ITS
* Monitoring truck's operations at freight intermodal terminals: traffic observation by scanning on-board devices
* Performance indicators and automatic identification systems in inland freight terminals for intermodal transport
* Wireless sensor networks for traffic management and road safety
Includes: Deflorio, F. Deflorio, F.[Francesco]
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