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de Q. da Silva, A.[Arnaldo] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Digital Classification of Polarimetric SAR Data for Iron-Mineralized Laterites Mapping in the Amazon Region

de Queiroz da Silva, A.[Arnaldo] Co Author Listing * Assessment of radargrammetric DSMs from TerraSAR-X Stripmap images in a mountainous relief area of the Amazon region
* Radargrammetric approaches to the flat relief of the Amazon coast using COSMO-SkyMed and TerraSAR-X datasets

de Queiroz Marcal, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Novel Vegetation Index for Coffee Ripeness Monitoring Using Aerial Imagery, A
Includes: de Queiroz Marcal, D.[Daniel] de Queiroz Marçal, D.[Daniel]

de Queiroz Neto, J.F.[Jose F.] Co Author Listing * Improving the Creation of Hot Spot Policing Patrol Routes: Comparing Cognitive Heuristic Performance to an Automated Spatial Computation Approach
Includes: de Queiroz Neto, J.F.[Jose F.] de Queiroz Neto, J.F.[José F.]

de Queiroz, J.E.R. Co Author Listing * Comparative evaluation of facial fiducial point detection approaches

de Queiroz, R. Co Author Listing * Point Cloud Compression Incorporating Region of Interest Coding

de Queiroz, R.L.[Ricardo L.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Block Partitioning of Point Clouds for Video-Based Color Compression
* Adaptive Context Modeling for Arithmetic Coding Using Perceptrons
* Alteration-Locating Authentication Watermarking for Binary Images
* Attention-weighted depth map rate-allocation in free-viewpoint television
* Attention-Weighted Rate Allocation in Free-Viewpoint Television
* Attention-Weighted Texture and Depth Bit-Allocation in General-Geometry Free-Viewpoint Television
* Block-Based Motion Estimation Speedup for Dynamic Voxelized Point Clouds
* Blocking signature detection for identification JPEG images
* Classified JPEG Coding of Mixed Document Images for Printing
* Color correction of a compressed image
* Color Embedding Into Gray Images
* Color to Gray and Back: Color Embedding Into Textured Gray Images
* Complexity-scalable H.264/AVC in an IPP-based video encoder
* Compression Color Space Estimation of JPEG Images Using Lattice Basis Reduction
* Compression of 3D Point Clouds Using a Region-Adaptive Hierarchical Transform
* Compression of Compound Documents
* Compression of Plenoptic Point Clouds
* Compression of Plenoptic Point Clouds Using the Region-Adaptive Hierarchical Transform
* Context-based octree coding for point-cloud video
* DCT approximation for low bit rate coding using a conditional transform
* Depth map reconstruction using color-based region merging
* Differential Transform for Video-Based Plenoptic Point Cloud Coding
* Distance-Based Probability Model for Octree Coding
* Efficiency improvements for a geometric-partition-based video coder
* Evaluating the effects of image compression in Moire-pattern-based face-spoofing detection
* Example-based Enhancement of Degraded Video
* Example-Based Super-Resolution for Point-Cloud Video
* Extended lapped transform in image coding
* Fast Downscaled Inverses for Images Compressed with M-Channel Lapped Transforms
* fast HEVC transcoder based on content modeling and early termination, A
* Fast Segmentation of the JPEG Compressed Documents
* Fractional Super-Resolution of Voxelized Point Clouds
* Gaussian process transforms
* General rate-allocation in free-viewpoint television
* Geometry Coding for Dynamic Voxelized Point Clouds Using Octrees and Multiple Contexts
* HEVC-based scanned document compression
* High quality scanned book compression using pattern matching
* Identification of Bitmap Compression History: JPEG Detection and Quantizer Estimation
* Improved layer processing for MRC compression of scanned documents
* Improved transforms for the compression of color and multispectral images
* Integer Alternative for the Region-Adaptive Hierarchical Transform
* Intra prediction versus wavelets and lapped transforms in an H.264/AVC coder
* Intra-Frame Context-Based Octree Coding for Point-Cloud Geometry
* Inverse halftoning by decision tree learning
* Iterative pre- and post-processing for MRC layers of scanned documents
* Iterative Side-Information Generation in a Mixed Resolution Wyner-Ziv Framework
* JPEG Compression History Estimation for Color Images
* Least-Squares Directional Intra Prediction in H.264/AVC
* Local Texture and Geometry Descriptors for Fast Block-Based Motion Estimation of Dynamic Voxelized Point Clouds
* Lossy Point Cloud Geometry Compression Via Dyadic Decomposition
* Macroblock sampling and mode ranking for complexity scalability in mobile H.264 video coding
* Mapping motion vectors for A Wyner-Ziv video transcoder
* Maximum Likelihood Estimation of JPEG Quantization Table in the Identification of Bitmap Compression History
* Memory-Friendly Segmentation Refinement for Video-Based Point Cloud Compression
* Method and apparatus for processing of a JPEG compressed image
* Method for decompressing JPEG files using a variable block size inverse discrete cosine transform
* Method of compressing JPEG files
* Method of compressing JPEG files using a conditional transform
* Mixed-resolution distributed video codec without motion estimation at the encoder
* Model for the Electronic Representation of Bank Checks, A
* Motion-Based Side-Information Generation for a Scalable Wyner-Ziv Video Coder
* Motion-Compensated Compression of Dynamic Voxelized Point Clouds
* Motion-compensated compression of point cloud video
* Motion-Compensated Predictive RAHT for Dynamic Point Clouds
* MRC Compression of Compound Documents Using Threshold Segmentation, Iterative Data-Filling and H.264/AVC-INTRA
* Multi-Resolution Intra-Predictive Coding of 3d Point Cloud Attributes
* Nonexpansive Pyramid for Image-Coding Using a Nonlinear Filterbank
* On Data-filling Algorithms for MRC Layers
* On Independent Color Space Transformations for the Compression of CMYK Images
* On Macroblock Partition for Motion Compensation
* On Predictive RAHT For Dynamic Point Cloud Coding
* On Quantization of Image Classification Neural Networks for Compression Without Retraining
* On symmetric extensions orthogonal transforms of images, and paraunitary filter banks
* Optimizing Block-threshold Segmentation for MRC Compression
* Optimizing Block-Thresholding Segmentation for Multilayer Compression of Compound Images
* Parameter estimation for an H.264-based distributed video coder
* Pre-Processing for MRC Layers of Scanned Images
* Processing JPEG Compressed Images and Documents
* Processing JPEG-Compressed Images
* public-key authentication watermarking for binary images, A
* Quality-of-Content-Based Joint Source and Channel Coding for Human Detections in a Mobile Surveillance Cloud, A
* Reduced DCT approximations for low bit rate coding
* Resolution enhancement of compressed image data
* Reversible color-to-gray mapping using subband domain texturization
* Robust Technique for Image Descreening Based on the Wavelet Transform
* Scanned Document Compression Using Block-Based Hybrid Video Codec
* Segmentation of Compressed Documents
* Segmentation-Driven Compound Document Coding Based on H.264/AVC-INTRA
* Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees for Point Cloud Attribute Compression
* Side-Information Generation for Temporally and Spatially Scalable Wyner-Ziv Codecs
* Spatially Varying Gray Component Replacement for Image Watermarking
* Super-Resolution for Multiview Images Using Depth Information
* Super-resolution of video using key frames and motion estimation
* Three-dimensional subband coding techniques for wireless video communications
* Transform Coding for Point Clouds Using a Gaussian Process Model
* Transform domain semi-super resolution
* Using encoding cost data for segmentation of compressed image sequences
* Using H.264/AVC-Intra for Segmentation-Driven Compound Document Coding
* Variable block size lapped transforms
* Variable complexity DCT approximations driven by an HVQ-based analyzer
* variable-length generalized lapped biorthogonal transform, The
* Very Fast JPEG Compression Using Hierarchical Vector Quantization
* Video compression complexity reduction with adaptive down-sampling
* Video super-resolution based on local invariant features matching
* Video Super-Resolution Using Codebooks Derived From Key-Frames
* Watermarking JBIG2 Text Region for Image Authentication
* Wavelet Transforms in a JPEG-Like Image Coder
* Wyner-Ziv Video Transcoder, A
Includes: de Queiroz, R.L.[Ricardo L.] de Queiroz, R.L.[Ricardo Lopes] de Queiroz, R.L.
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