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Daul, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * 3-D multimodal cardiac data superimposition using 2-D image registration and 3-D reconstruction from multiple views
* Anisotropic motion estimation on edge preserving Riesz wavelets for robust video mosaicing
* Building a color classification system for textured and hue homogeneous surfaces: system calibration and algorithm
* Contrast-enhancing seam detection and blending using graph cuts
* Endoscopic bladder image registration using sparse graph cuts
* Fast mosaicing of cystoscopic images from dense correspondence: Combined SURF and TV-L1 optical flow method
* Flexible calibration of structured-light systems projecting point patterns
* Flexible projector calibration for active stereoscopic systems
* From the Hough Transform to a New Approach for the Detection and Approximation of Elliptical Arcs
* General Form of Illumination-Invariant Descriptors in Variational Optical Flow Estimation, A
* Graph based construction of textured large field of view mosaics for bladder cancer diagnosis
* Illumination invariant optical flow using neighborhood descriptors
* Mosaicing of Images with Few Textures and Strong Illumination Changes: Application to Gastroscopic Scenes
* novel 3D surface construction approach: Application to three-dimensional endoscopic data, A
* On Illumination-Invariant Variational Optical Flow for Weakly Textured Scenes
* Parameter free torsion estimation of curves in 3D images
* Planarity-enforcing higher-order graph cut
* Robust and accurate optical flow estimation for weak texture and varying illumination conditions: Application to cystoscopy
* simplified method of endoscopic image distortion correction based on grey level registration, A
* Towards a fractioned treatment in conformal radiotherapy using 3d-multimodal data registration
* Towards a new diagnosis aid of cardiovascular diseases using 2d-multimodal data registration and 3d-data superimposition
* Towards skin image mosaicing
Includes: Daul, C.[Christian] Daul, C.
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