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Dansena, P.[Prabhat] Co Author Listing * Differentiating Pen Inks in Handwritten Bank Cheques Using Multi-layer Perceptron
* Quantitative assessment of capabilities of colour models for pen ink discrimination in handwritten documents

Dansereau, D.G.[Donald G.] Co Author Listing * Decoding, Calibration and Rectification for Lenselet-Based Plenoptic Cameras
* Design of a focused light field fundus camera for retinal imaging
* LiFF: Light Field Features in Scale and Depth
* Light Field Image Restoration for Vision in Scattering Media
* Richardson-Lucy Deblurring for Moving Light Field Cameras
* Semantically accurate super-resolution Generative Adversarial Networks
* Simple change detection from mobile light field cameras
* Wide-Field-of-View Monocentric Light Field Camera, A
Includes: Dansereau, D.G.[Donald G.] Dansereau, D.G.
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Dansereau, J.[Jean] Co Author Listing * Articulated Model Registration of MRI/X-Ray Spine Data
* Development of a vertebral endplate 3-D reconstruction technique
* Longitudinal Scoliotic Trunk Analysis via Spectral Representation and Statistical Analysis
* Three-dimensional modelling and rendering of the human skeletal trunk from 2D radiographic images
* Towards Non Invasive Diagnosis of Scoliosis Using Semi-supervised Learning Approach
* Towards the Self-Calibration of a Multiview Radiographic Imaging System for the 3D Reconstruction of the Human Spine and Rib Cage
Includes: Dansereau, J.[Jean] Dansereau, J.

Dansereau, R.M. Co Author Listing * Cramer-Rao Lower Bound Derivation and Performance Analysis for Space-Based SAR GMTI
* Error-Resilient and Error Concealment 3-D SPIHT for Multiple Description Video Coding With Added Redundancy
* Error-Resilient and Error Concealment 3-D SPIHT Video Coding with Added Redundancy
* Geometric image registration under arbitrarily-shaped locally variant illuminations
* Geometric Image Registration under Locally Variant Illuminations Using Huber M-estimator
* Geometric registration of images with arbitrarily-shaped local intensity variations from shadows
* High throughput parallel scheme for HEVC deblocking filter
* Image Registration Under Illumination Variations Using Region-Based Confidence Weighted M -Estimators
* Image registration under local illumination variations using robust bisquare M-estimation
* Multi-layer random walker image segmentation for overlapped cervical cells using probabilistic deep learning methods
* Perceptual noise shaping in dual-tree complex wavelet transform for image coding
* Resolution Scalable Image Coding with Dyadic Complementary Rational Wavelet Transforms
* Two-step super-resolution technique using bounded total variation and bisquare M-estimator under local illumination changes
* Video Quality Prediction Using a 3D Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Structural Similarity Index
Includes: Dansereau, R.M. Dansereau, R.M.[Richard M.]
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Dansette, P. Co Author Listing * Mapping Biological Current Densities With Ultrafast Acoustoelectric Imaging: Application to the Beating Rat Heart

Dansingani, K.K.[Kunal K.] Co Author Listing * Super U-Net: A modularized generalizable architecture

Danskin, J.M. Co Author Listing * Entropy-based pattern matching for document image compression
* Joint Source and Channel Coding for Internet image transmission
Includes: Danskin, J.M. Danskin, J.M.[John M.]

Dansman, K.[Kenan] Co Author Listing * Embedded Fingerprint Authentication System Integrated with a Hardware-Based Truly Random Number Generator, An

Dansoko, M.[Makan] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Logic Inference System for Display Characterization, A

Danson, F.M. Co Author Listing * Angular Reflectance of Leaves With a Dual-Wavelength Terrestrial Lidar and Its Implications for Leaf-Bark Separation and Leaf Moisture Estimation
* Earth Observation Technology Cluster, The
* Testing the Application of Terrestrial Laser Scanning to Measure Forest Canopy Gap Fraction
Includes: Danson, F.M. Danson, F.M.[F. Mark]

Dansou, C.E.[Caleb Efelic] Co Author Listing * Spatial Prediction of Soil Organic Carbon Stock in the Moroccan High Atlas Using Machine Learning

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