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d'Agata, A.L.[Anna Lucia] Co Author Listing * Identification of Leveled Archeological Mounds (Hyk) in the Alluvial Plain of the Ceyhan River (Southern Turke

d'Agnano, F. Co Author Listing * TOOTEKO: A Case Study of Augmented Reality for an Accessible Cultural Heritage. Digitization, 3D Printing and Sensors for an Audio-Tactile Experience

d'Agostini, L. Co Author Listing * Robotics And Virtual Reality for Cultural Heritage Digitization And Fruition

d'Agostino, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * ArcStereoNet: A New ArcGIS Toolbox for Projection and Analysis of Meso- and Micro-Structural Data

d'Agostino, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * Object Interface for Interoperability of Image Processing Parallel Library in a Distributed Environment, An

d'Agostino, E. Co Author Listing * Nonrigid Coregistration of Diffusion Tensor Images Using a Viscous Fluid Model and Mutual Information
* Unified Framework for Atlas Based Brain Image Segmentation and Registration, A

d'Agostino, G. Co Author Listing * Low Cost Techniques for The Digital Survey of a Minoan Architecture In The Archeological Site of Phaistos (crete)
* Participatory Approach for the Enhancement of Architectural Archives Funds: the Experience At Museo Della Rappresentazione In Catania
* Populating A Library of Reusable H-BOMS: Assessment of A Feasible Image Based Modeling Workflow
* Virtual Batcave: A Project for the Safeguard of A UNESCO WHL Fragile Ecosystem, The

d'Agostino, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Heterogeneous Behavior of the Campotosto Normal Fault (Central Italy) Imaged by InSAR GPS and Strong-Motion Data: Insights from the 18 January 2017 Events

d'Agostino, P. Co Author Listing * BIM-oriented Algorithmic Reconstruction of Building Components For Existing Heritage

d'Agostino, S. Co Author Listing * Universal VBR videocodecs for ATM networks in the Belgian Broadband Experiment

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