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Cuisenaire, O. Co Author Listing * Applications of the Region Growing Euclidean Distance Transform: Anisotropy and Skeletons
* Atlas-Based Segmentation of Pathological Brain MR Images
* Atlas-Based Segmentation of Pathological MR Brain Images Using a Model of Lesion Growth
* Automatic Segmentation of Internal Structures of the Brain in MR Images Using a Tandem of Affine and Non Rigid Registration of an Anatomical Brain Atlas
* Comparison and validation of tissue modelization and statistical classification methods in T1-weighted MR brain images
* Cross Validation Study of Deep Brain Stimulation Targeting: From Experts to Atlas-Based, Segmentation-Based and Automatic Registration Algorithms, A
* Fast Euclidean Distance Transformation by Propagation Using Multiple Neighborhoods
* Locally adaptable mathematical morphology using distance transformations
* Region growing Euclidean distance transforms
* Relative Anatomical Location for Statistical Non-parametric Brain Tissue Classification in MR Images
Includes: Cuisenaire, O. Cuisenaire, O.[Olivier]
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Cuisiniez, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * Ground-Penetrating Radar Full-Wave Inversion for Soil Moisture Mapping in Trench-Hill Potato Fields for Precise Irrigation

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