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Cramariuc, A.[Andrei] Co Author Listing * NeuralBlox: Real-Time Neural Representation Fusion for Robust Volumetric Mapping

Cramariuc, B. Co Author Listing * Block-based Ordinal Co-occurrence Matrices for Texture Similarity Evaluation
* Efficient Watershed Segmentation Algorithm Suitable for Parallel Implementation, An
* Framework for Activity Recognition Through Deep Learning and Abnormality Detection in Daily Activities, A
* New Image Similarity Measure Based on Ordinal Correlation, A
* Ordinal Co-occurrence Matrix Framework for Texture Retrieval, An
* Ordinal-Measure Based Shape Correspondence
* Relevance feedback for shape query refinement
* Special Issue on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services
* Special Issue On Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services: Part II
* Texture similarity evaluation using ordinal co-occurrence
Includes: Cramariuc, B. Cramariuc, B.[Bogdan]
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Cramb, J.[Justin] Co Author Listing * Archaeology and Remote Sensing of Santa Elena's Four Millennia of Occupation, The

Cramer, H. Co Author Listing * Mathematical Methods of Statistics
* Multi Sensor Based Tracking of Pedestrians: A Survey of Suitable Movement Models
* new approach for tracking lanes by fusing image measurements with map data, A
Includes: Cramer, H. Cramér, H.

Cramer, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * ADS40 Vaihingen/Enz geometric performance test, The
* DGPF Project: Evaluation of Digital Photogrammetric Aerial Based Imaging Systems - Overview and Results from the Pilot Centre
* DGPF-Project: Evaluation of Digital Photogrammetric Camera Systems Geometric Performance
* DGPF-Test on Digital Airborne Camera Evaluation Overview and Test Design, The
* Digital Airborne Photogrammetry: A New Tool for Quantitative Remote Sensing?: A State-of-the-Art Review On Radiometric Aspects of Digital Photogrammetric Images
* Evaluation Of A Metric Camera System Tailored For High Precision UAV Applications
* Evaluation of Structures and Methods for Resolution Determination of Remote Sensing Sensors
* German camera evaluation project: results from the geometry group., The
* In-situ digital airborne camera validation and certification: The future standard?
* New rigorous and flexible Fourier self-calibration models for airborne camera calibration
* On the Use of RPAS in National Mapping: The EUROSDR Point of View
* Quality of 3D Point Clouds from Highly Overlapping UAV Imagery
* Status report of the EuroSDR project Radiometric aspects of digital photogrammetric airborne images
* System Calibration for Direct Georeferencing
* UAV in the advent of the twenties: Where we stand and what is next
* UAV@LGL: Pilotstudie zum Einsatz von UAV im Rahmen der Landesvermessung in Deutschland
Includes: Cramer, M.[Michael] Cramer, M.
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Crampton, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * empirical analysis of keystroke dynamics in passwords: A longitudinal study, An
* Password policy characteristics and keystroke biometric authentication

Crampton, C. Co Author Listing * Confluence of Computer Vision and Interactive Graphics for Augmented Reality

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