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Colchester, A. Co Author Listing * Automated segmentation of multiple sclerosis lesions by model outlier detection
* Hexagonal pixels for improved low level segmentation
* Wavelet Noise Reduction Based on Energy Features
Includes: Colchester, A. Colchester, A.[Alan]

Colchester, A.C.F. Co Author Listing * Delaunay/Voronoi Selection Graph: A Method for Extracting Shape Information from 2-D Dot-patterns with an Extension to 3-D, The
* Detection of Abnormalities on Carotid Angiograms Using Syntactic Techniques
* Early Image Representation Using Regions Defined by Maximum Gradient Paths Between Singular Points
* generalised geometry and intensity based partial volume correction for magnetic resonance images, A
* Hierarchical Segmentation Satisfying Constraints
* Image Segmentation Using Maximum Gradient Profiles Orthogonal to Edges
* Integrated skeleton and boundary shape representation for medical image interpretation
* Intensity-Based Object Extraction from 3D Medical Images Including a Correction of Partial Volume Errors
* Knowledge-Based Analysis of Carotid Angiograms
* Model-based interpretation of anatomical structures in cranial MR images
* Model-Based Recognition of Anatomical Objects from Medical Images
* Multiscale Hierarchical segmentation
* Neurosurgical Guidance Using The Stereo Microscope
* Plane curve matching under affine transformations
* Registration of 3-D Surface Data for Intra-Operative Guidance and Visualization in Frameless Stereotactic Neurosurgery
* Scale and Segmentation of Grey-Level Images Using Maximum Gradient Paths
* Special Issue Introduction: Information processing in medical imaging
* Superficial and deep structure in linear diffusion scale space: isophotes, critical points and separatrices
* unified approach to the segmentation of grey-level and dot-pattern images, A
* Visualisation of Multimodal Images for Neurosurgical Planning and Guidance
Includes: Colchester, A.C.F. Colchester, A.C.F.[Alan C.F.] Colchester, A.C.F.[Alan C. F.]
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