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Coifman, B. Co Author Listing * Effect of Lane-Change Maneuvers on a Simplified Car-Following Theory, The
* Image-based Vehicle Tracking From Roadside Lidar Data
* New Method for Validating and Generating Vehicle Trajectories From Stationary Video Cameras, A
* Real Time Computer Vision System for Measuring Traffic Parameters, A
Includes: Coifman, B. Coifman, B.[Benjamin]

Coifman, R.R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive directional Image compression with oriented wavelets
* Adaptive wavelet packet basis selection for zerotree image coding
* Data Fusion and Multicue Data Matching by Diffusion Maps
* Discriminant feature extraction using empirical probability density estimation and a local basis library
* Entropy-based algorithms for best basis selection
* Fast slant stack: A notion of radon transform for data on a cartesian grid which is rapidly computable, algebraically exact, geometrically faithful, and invertible
* Graph Laplacian Tomography From Unknown Random Projections
* Local cosine transform-A method for the reduction of the blocking effect in JPEG
* Local Discriminant Bases and Their Applications
* Low bit-rate efficient compression for seismic data
* Motion Compensation of Wavelet Coefficients for Very Low Bit Rate Video Coding
* Multilayered image representation: application to image compression
* New Basis Selection Paradigm for Wavelet Packet Image Coding, A
* On Zerotree Quantization for Embedded Wavelet Packet Image Coding
Includes: Coifman, R.R. Coifman, R.R.[Ronald R.]
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