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Clewer, D. Co Author Listing * Genetic Stereo Matching Using Complex Conjugate Wavelet Pyramids
* Hierarchical Genetic Disparity Estimation Algorithm for Multiview Image Synthesis, A

Clewes, R.[Rhea] Co Author Listing * Imager locates toxic liquids at stand-off distances

Clewley, D. Co Author Listing * Approach to Mapping Forest Growth Stages in Queensland, Australia through Integration of ALOS PALSAR and Landsat Sensor Data, An
* Atmospheric Correction Performance of Hyperspectral Airborne Imagery over a Small Eutrophic Lake under Changing Cloud Cover
* Characterization of Unstable Blinking Pixels in the AisaOWL Thermal Hyperspectral Imager
* Detection and Classification of Floating Plastic Litter Using a Vessel-Mounted Video Camera and Deep Learning
* Evaluation of ALOS PALSAR Data for High-Resolution Mapping of Vegetated Wetlands in Alaska
* Generalized Radar Backscattering Model Based on Wave Theory for Multilayer Multispecies Vegetation, A
* Python-Based Open Source System for Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis (GEOBIA) Utilizing Raster Attribute Tables, A
* Tropical Peatland Vegetation Structure and Biomass: Optimal Exploitation of Airborne Laser Scanning
Includes: Clewley, D. Clewley, D.[Daniel]
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