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Ciocarlan, A.[Alina] Co Author Listing * Ship Detection in Sentinel 2 Multi-Spectral Images with Self-Supervised Learning

Ciocca, G.[Gianluigi] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Traditional Italian Food Recipes: Experiments and Results
* Autocropping: A Closer Look at Benchmark Datasets
* Automatic color constancy algorithm selection and combination
* Classification-Based Color Constancy
* CNN-based features for retrieval and classification of food images
* Color Constancy Algorithm Selection Using CART
* Color-based image retrieval using spatial-chromatic histograms
* Combining Saliency Estimation Methods
* Complexity Perception of Texture Images
* Complexity-Based Image Analysis to Investigate Interference Between Distortions and Image Contents in Image Quality Assessment, A
* Content-based color image retrieval with relevance feedback
* content-based retrieval system with a customizable 3D output visualizer, A
* Content-based similarity retrieval of trademarks using relevance feedback
* Cooking Action Recognition with iVAT: An Interactive Video Annotation Tool
* CURL: Image Classification using co-training and Unsupervised Representation Learning
* Does Color Influence Image Complexity Perception?
* Evaluating CNN-Based Semantic Food Segmentation Across Illuminants
* Evaluation of Automatic Image Color Theme Extraction Methods
* Faithful Fit, Markerless, 3d Eyeglasses Virtual Try-on
* Food Recognition and Leftover Estimation for Daily Diet Monitoring
* hierarchical classification strategy for digital documents, A
* How Far Can You Get by Combining Change Detection Algorithms?
* Iconic-based Retrieval of Grocery Images via Siamese Neural Network
* Improving Color Constancy Using Indoor-Outdoor Image Classification
* innovative algorithm for key frame extraction in video summarization, An
* interactive tool for manual, semi-automatic and automatic video annotation, An
* Multi-task Learning for Supervised and Unsupervised Classification of Grocery Images
* On the use of supervised features for unsupervised image categorization: An evaluation
* Prosemantic Image Retrieval
* Robust Multi-Feature Cut Detection Algorithm for Video Segmentation, A
* Similarity retrieval of trademark images
Includes: Ciocca, G.[Gianluigi] Ciocca, G.
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Ciocca, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * Gaze Stability During Ocular Proton Therapy: Quantitative Evaluation Based on Eye Surface Surveillance Videos

Ciocchini, E. Co Author Listing * diagnostic Survey: A Methodology for the Knowledge of A Complex Architectural Palimpsest, The

Ciochina, S. Co Author Listing * On the Identification of Bilinear Forms With the Wiener Filter
* Scattering Centers Detection and Tracking in Refocused Spaceborne SAR Images for Infrastructure Monitoring
* Short-Range Wideband FMCW Radar for Millimetric Displacement Measurements

Cioci, A. Co Author Listing * Accuracy verification and enhancement in 3D modeling: Application to Donatello's Maddalena

Ciociola, V.[Valentina] Co Author Listing * Towards an Engaging Mobile Food Record for Teenagers

Ciocoiu, I.B.[Iulian B.] Co Author Listing * Comparative analysis of bag-of-words models for ECG-based biometrics
* Localized versus Locality-Preserving Subspace Projections for Face Recognition

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