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Chui, C. Co Author Listing * Robust Biometric Recognition From Palm Depth Images for Gloved Hands
* Universal Noise Removal Algorithm With an Impulse Detector, A
* Wavelet-Frame Based Image Force Model for Active Contouring Algorithms, A

Chui, C.K. Co Author Listing * Accurate Measurement of Bone Mineral Density Using Clinical CT Imaging With Single Energy Beam Spectral Intensity Correction
* clustering-based system to automate transfer function design for medical image visualization, A
* Dynamic Linear Level Octree-based Volume Rendering Methods For Interactive Microsurgical Simulation
* Focus, Segment and Erase: An Efficient Network for Multi-label Brain Tumor Segmentation
* Integrating machine learning with region-based active contour models in medical image segmentation
* Introduction To Wavelets
* Kalman Filtering: With Real-Time Applications
* Multimodal image registration system for image-guided orthopaedic surgery
* Rapid surface registration of 3D volumes using a neural network approach
* Robust Edge-Stop Functions for Edge-Based Active Contour Models in Medical Image Segmentation
* two-level clustering approach for multidimensional transfer function specification in volume visualization, A
* Wavelets-A Tutorial in Theory and Applications
Includes: Chui, C.K. Chui, C.K.[Chee-Kong] Chui, C.K.[Charles K.]
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Chui, H.[Haili] Co Author Listing * email: Chui, H.[Haili]: hchui AT r2tech com
* Co-registration of in vivo human MRI brain images to postmortem histological microscopic images
* Learning an Atlas from Unlabeled Point-Sets
* New Algorithm for Non-Rigid Point Matching, A
* new point matching algorithm for non-rigid registration, A
* Relationship Between Spline-Based Deformable Models and Weighted Graphs in Non-rigid Matching, A
* Unsupervised learning of an atlas from unlabeled point-sets
Includes: Chui, H.[Haili] Chui, H.[Helena] Chui, H.
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Chui, S.H.[Sung Him] Co Author Listing * Alternative Anti-Forensics Method for Contrast Enhancement
* convex-optimization approach to dense stereo matching, A
* Image rectification for single camera stereo system
Includes: Chui, S.H.[Sung Him] Chui, S.H.[Sung-Him]

Chui, T.L. Co Author Listing * On-line computer recognition of proposed standard ANSI(USASI) handprinted characters

Chui, Y.P.[Yim Pan] Co Author Listing * Haptic Needle Manipulation Simulator For Chinese Acupuncture Learning And Training, A
Includes: Chui, Y.P.[Yim Pan] Chui, Y.P.[Yim-Pan]

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