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Chli, M. Co Author Listing * ACE: An Efficient Asynchronous Corner Tracker for Event Cameras
* Active Matching
* Asynchronous Multi-Hypothesis Tracking of Features with Event Cameras
* BRISK: Binary Robust invariant scalable keypoints
* Fine grained pointing recognition for natural drone guidance
* HyperSLAM: A Generic and Modular Approach to Sensor Fusion and Simultaneous Localization And Mapping in Continuous-Time
* Learning Deep Descriptors with Scale-Aware Triplet Networks
* On the Redundancy Detection in Keyframe-Based SLAM
* Robust Real-Time Visual Odometry with a Single Camera and an IMU
* Scalable active matching
Includes: Chli, M. Chli, M.[Margarita]
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Chlingaryan, A. Co Author Listing * Gaussian Processes for Estimating Wavelength Position of the Ferric Iron Crystal Field Feature at 900nm From Hyperspectral Imagery Acquired in the Short-Wave Infrared (1002-1355 nm)
* Incorporating Spatial Information and Endmember Variability Into Unmixing Analyses to Improve Abundance Estimates
* Novel Endmember Bundle Extraction and Clustering Approach for Capturing Spectral Variability Within Endmember Classes, A
* Novel Spectral Unmixing Method Incorporating Spectral Variability Within Endmember Classes, A
* Pretraining for Hyperspectral Convolutional Neural Network Classification
* Unsupervised feature learning for illumination robustness
* Unsupervised Feature-Learning for Hyperspectral Data with Autoencoders
Includes: Chlingaryan, A. Chlingaryan, A.[Anna]
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Chlipala, M.[Maksymilian] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive performance analysis of objective quality metrics for digital holography

Chliverou, R. Co Author Listing * 3d Image Based Geometric Documentation of A Medieval Fortress
* Developing A Virtual Museum for the Ancient Wine Trade in Eastern Mediterranean
* Enhancing Close-up Image Based 3D Digitisation with Focus Stacking
* Investigating the Effect of Focus Stacking on SFM-MVS Algorithms
* Laser and Multi-image Reverse Engineering Systems for Accurate 3d Modelling of Complex Cultural Artefacts

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