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Chemin, Y.H.[Yann H.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Maize Evapotranspiration at Field Scale Using SEBAL: A Comparison with the FAO Method and Soil-Plant Model Simulations

Chemisky, B. Co Author Listing * 3d Sequential Image Mosaicing for Underwater Navigation and Mapping
* Accurate Scaling and Levelling in Underwater Photogrammetry with A Pressure Sensor
* Evaluation of Vision-based Localization and Mapping Techniques in A Subsea Metrology Scenario
* Portable Opto-acoustic Survey Solution for Mapping of Underwater Targets, A
* Underwater Survey for Oil and Gas Industry: A Review of Close Range Optical Methods
Includes: Chemisky, B. Chemisky, B.[Bertrand]

Chemlal, S. Co Author Listing * Modeling insertion point for general purpose haptic device simulations for minimally invasive surgeries

Chemmengath, S.A.[Saneem A.] Co Author Listing * Addressing Target Shift in Zero-shot Learning using Grouped Adversarial Learning
* DeepSolarEye: Power Loss Prediction and Weakly Supervised Soiling Localization via Fully Convolutional Networks for Solar Panels
Includes: Chemmengath, S.A.[Saneem A.] Chemmengath, S.A.

Chemodanov, D. Co Author Listing * Energy-Aware Mobile Edge Computing and Routing for Low-Latency Visual Data Processing
* Incident-Supporting Visual Cloud Computing Utilizing Software-Defined Networking
Includes: Chemodanov, D. Chemodanov, D.[Dmitrii]

Chemouny, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * Graph-based detection, segmentation and characterization of brain tumors
* Uncertainty-Driven Efficiently-Sampled Sparse Graphical Models for Concurrent Tumor Segmentation and Atlas Registration

Chemudupati, S. Co Author Listing * Generalized Fast Iteratively Reweighted Soft-Thresholding Algorithm for Sparse Coding Under Tight Frames in the Complex-Domain
* Non-Convex Optimization For Sparse Interferometric Phase Estimation

Chemura, A.[Abel] Co Author Listing * Determination of the age of oil palm from crown projection area detected from WorldView-2 multispectral remote sensing data: The case of Ejisu-Juaben district, Ghana
* Mapping spatial variability of foliar nitrogen in coffee (Coffea arabica L.) plantations with multispectral Sentinel-2 MSI data
* Remote Sensing Based Yield Estimation of Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Using Gradient Boosted Regression in India

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