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Cecotti, H.[Hubert] Co Author Listing * Active graph based semi-supervised learning using image matching: Application to handwritten digit recognition
* Convolutional Neural Network with embedded Fourier Transform for EEG classification
* Convolutional Neural Networks for P300 Detection with Application to Brain-Computer Interfaces
* Dynamic filters selection for textual document image binarization
* Hybrid OCR combination approach complemented by a specialized ICR applied on ancient documents
* Multimodal Gaze-Controlled Virtual Keyboard, A
* Radial Neural Convolutional Layer for Multi-oriented Character Recognition, A
* Rejection Schemes in Multi-class Classification: Application to Handwritten Character Recognition
* Rejection strategy for convolutional neural network by adaptive topology applied to handwritten digits recognition
* Semi-automatic ground truth generation using unsupervised clustering and limited manual labeling: Application to handwritten character recognition
* time-frequency convolutional neural network for the offline classification of steady-state visual evoked potential responses, A
* Toward shift invariant detection of event-related potentials in non-invasive brain-computer interface
Includes: Cecotti, H.[Hubert] Cecotti, H.
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