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Calpe Maravilla, J. Co Author Listing * Cloud-Screening Algorithm for ENVISAT/MERIS Multispectral Images
* Configurable Passband Imaging Spectrometer Based on Acousto-optic Tunable Filter
* Land cover classification of VHR airborne images for citrus grove identification
* Mean Map Kernel Methods for Semisupervised Cloud Classification
* Regularized RBF Networks for Hyperspectral Data Classification
Includes: Calpe Maravilla, J. Calpe-Maravilla, J. Calpe-Maravilla, J.[Javier]

Calpe, J. Co Author Listing * Cart-based feature selection of hyperspectral images for crop cover classification
* SmartSpectra: Applying multispectral imaging to industrial environments
* Urban monitoring using multi-temporal SAR and multi-spectral data
Includes: Calpe, J. Calpe, J.[Javier]

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