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Caffi, V. Co Author Listing * Extraction of Primitives and Objects from Hshapes

Caffo, B.S.[Brian S.] Co Author Listing * M-estimator for reduced-rank system identification, An
* Toward Realistic and Practical Ideal Observer (IO) Estimation for the Optimization of Medical Imaging Systems
Includes: Caffo, B.S.[Brian S.] Caffo, B.S.

Cafforio, C. Co Author Listing * Combining DCT and subband coding into an intraframe coder
* Differential Method for Image Motion Estimation, The
* Methods for Measuring Small Displacements of Television Images
* Motion compensation and multiresolution coding
* Remarks on the Differential Method for the Estimation of Movement in Television Images
* simple and effective edge detector, A
* Tracking Moving Objects in Television Images
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