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Cabibihan, J.J.[John John] Co Author Listing * Modeling the Temporality of Saliency
* Physiological Responses to Affective Tele-Touch during Induced Emotional Stimuli
Includes: Cabibihan, J.J.[John John] Cabibihan, J.J.[John-John] Cabibihan, J.J.

Cabiddu, D.[Daniela] Co Author Listing * Potential of the Geometric Layer in Urban Digital Twins

Cabido, R.[Raul] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Networks and Long Short-Term Memory for skeleton-based human activity and hand gesture recognition
* Hardware-Accelerated Template Matching
* High-performance template tracking
* Multiscale and local search methods for real time region tracking with particle filters: local search driven by adaptive scale estimation on GPUs
* Performance evaluation of a 3D multi-view-based particle filter for visual object tracking using GPUs and multicore CPUs
* RERBEE: Robust Efficient Registration via Bifurcations and Elongated Elements Applied to Retinal Fluorescein Angiogram Sequences
* Scatter Search Particle Filter for 2D Real-Time Hands and Face Tracking
Includes: Cabido, R.[Raul] Cabido, R.[Raśl] Cabido, R.
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