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Buzzard, G.T.[Gregery T.] Co Author Listing * Plug-and-Play Unplugged: Optimization-Free Reconstruction Using Consensus Equilibrium
* Pointwise Besov Space Smoothing of Images

Buzzelli, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Combining Saliency Estimation Methods
* Fully Convolutional Network for Salient Object Detection, A
* Learning Illuminant Estimation from Object Recognition
* Logo Recognition Using CNN Features
Includes: Buzzelli, M.[Marco] Buzzelli, M.

Buzzi, J. Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of digital zooms
* Measure of Color Sensitivity for Imaging Devices, A
* Noise in Imaging Chains: Correlations and Predictions
* Uniqueness of blur measure

Buzzoni, M. Co Author Listing * Extensive Tests of Autonomous Driving Technologies
* Intelligent Overhead Sensor for Sliding Doors: A Stereo Based Method for Augmented Efficiency
Includes: Buzzoni, M. Buzzoni, M.[Michele]

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