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Bosa, P.K. Co Author Listing * Planning Flight Paths in Dynamic Situations with Incomplete Knowledge

Bosaghzadeh, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Hybrid Representation for Graph-Based Semi-supervised Classification
* Combining Linear Dimensionality Reduction and Locality Preserving Projections with Feature Selection for Recognition Tasks
* Exponential Local Discriminant Embedding and Its Application to Face Recognition
* Generalized Local Discriminant Embedding for Face Recognition
* Linear Dimensionality Reduction through Eigenvector Selection for Object Recognition
* Locality Constrained Encoding Graph Construction and Application to Outdoor Object Classification
* Multi-observation face recognition in videos based on label propagation
* On Solving the Small Sample Size Problem for Marginal Fisher Analysis
* Parameter-Free Locality Sensitive Discriminant Analysis and Its Application to Coarse 3D Head Pose Estimation, A
* Recognizing multiple observations using adaptive graph based label propagation
* Reducing circular hough transform parameters using morphological operations
Includes: Bosaghzadeh, A. Bosaghzadeh, A.[Alireza]
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