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Bong, C.W. Co Author Listing * Multiobjective clustering with metaheuristic: Current trends and methods in image segmentation

Bong, D.B.L.[David Boon Liang] Co Author Listing * Blind image blur assessment by using valid reblur range and histogram shape difference
* effective feature detection approach for image stitching of near-uniform scenes, An
* Efficient and Training-Free Blind Image Blur Assessment in the Spatial Domain, An
* generalized quality assessment method for natural and screen content images, A
* New spatiotemporal method for assessing video quality
* Quality Assessment for Natural and Screen Visual Contents
Includes: Bong, D.B.L.[David Boon Liang] Bong, D.B.L.[David B.L.] Bong, D.B.L.[David B. L.] Bong, D.B.L.

Bong, K.[Kyeongryeol] Co Author Listing * Real-Time and Energy-Efficient Embedded System for Intelligent ADAS with RNN-Based Deep Risk Prediction using Stereo Camera, A

Bongajum, E. Co Author Listing * Surface-Consistent Sparse Multichannel Blind Deconvolution of Seismic Signals

Bongani, B.[Bhembe] Co Author Listing * Global Satellite-Based ET Products for the Local Level Irrigation Management: An Application of Irrigation Performance Assessment in the Sugarbelt of Swaziland

Bongartz, J.[Jens] Co Author Listing * Artificial and beneficial: Exploiting artificial images for aerial vehicle detection
* Investigating the Potential of a Newly Developed UAV-Mounted VNIR/SWIR Imaging System for Monitoring Crop Traits: A Case Study for Winter Wheat
* Observing Water Surface Temperature from Two Different Airborne Platforms over Temporarily Flooded Wadden Areas at the Elbe Estuary: Methods for Corrections and Analysis
* Pantir: A Dual Camera Setup for Precise Georeferencing and Mosaicing of Thermal Aerial Images
* Very High-Resolution Imagery and Machine Learning for Detailed Mapping of Riparian Vegetation and Substrate Types
Includes: Bongartz, J.[Jens] Bongartz, J.

Bongers, F.[Frans] Co Author Listing * Understanding Boswellia papyrifera tree secondary metabolites through bark spectral analysis

Bongini, P.[Pietro] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Visual and Anamnestic Data for the Classification of Skin Lesions with Deep Learning
* GADA: Generative Adversarial Data Augmentation for Image Quality Assessment
* Is GPT-3 All You Need for Visual Question Answering in Cultural Heritage?

Bongioanni, C.[Carlo] Co Author Listing * Fusing Measurements from Wi-Fi Emission-Based and Passive Radar Sensors for Short-Range Surveillance

Bongiovanni, G. Co Author Listing * Computing the Hough Transform on a Pyramid Architecture
* Discrete Equation of the Straight Line, The
* Image Segmentation by a Multiresolution Approach
* Parallel Simulated Annealing for Shape Detection

Bongiovanni, T. Co Author Listing * Disaggregation of Remotely Sensed Soil Moisture in Heterogeneous Landscapes Using Holistic Structure-Based Models
* Downscaling Satellite-Based Soil Moisture in Heterogeneous Regions Using High-Resolution Remote Sensing Products and Information Theory: A Synthetic Study
* Spatial Scaling Using Temporal Correlations and Ensemble Learning to Obtain High-Resolution Soil Moisture

Bongratz, F.[Fabian] Co Author Listing * Vox2Cortex: Fast Explicit Reconstruction of Cortical Surfaces from 3D MRI Scans with Geometric Deep Neural Networks

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