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Bidani, A. Co Author Listing * Nonlinear multiscale wavelet diffusion for speckle suppression and edge enhancement in ultrasound images

Bidarra, R.[Rafael] Co Author Listing * Collision Avoidance between Avatars of Real and Virtual Individuals
* Semantic Navigation Model for Video Games, A

Bidart, R.[Rene] Co Author Listing * Affine Variational Autoencoders
* TriResNet: A Deep Triple-Stream Residual Network for Histopathology Grading

Bidarte, U.[Unai] Co Author Listing * Hardware implementation of optical flow constraint equation using FPGAs

Bidasaria, H.B. Co Author Listing * Defining and Rendering of Textured Objects Through the Use of Exponential Functions
* Least desirable feature elimination in a general pattern recognition problem
* Method for Almost Exact Histogram Matching for Two Digitized Images, A
* Method for Ray Tracing a Wide Class of Generalized Cylinders with Straight Line Trajectories, A

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