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Best Rowden, L. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Performance under Aging
* Longitudinal Study of Automatic Face Recognition
Includes: Best Rowden, L. Best-Rowden, L.

Best, A. Co Author Listing * AutonoVi-Sim: Autonomous Vehicle Simulation Platform with Weather, Sensing, and Traffic Control

Best, C.J.L.[Charles J. L.] Co Author Listing * Method for minimizing visual artifacts converting two-dimensional motion pictures into three-dimensional motion pictures
* Method of hidden surface reconstruction for creating accurate three-dimensional images converted from two-dimensional images

Best, L.[Leland] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Construction of 3-Dimensional Models from Range Data

Best, S.S.[S. Stanley] Co Author Listing * New Method for Olive Fruits Recognition, A

Bestagini, P. Co Author Listing * Codec and GOP Identification in Double Compressed Videos
* Counter-Forensic Method for CNN-Based Camera Model Identification, A
* First Steps Toward Camera Model Identification With Convolutional Neural Networks
* Forensic Camera Model Identification: Highlights from the IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2018 Student Competition [SP Competitions]
* Inpainting-Based camera anonymization
* Near-duplicate detection and alignment for multi-view videos
* Phylogeny reconstruction for misaligned and compressed video sequences
* Reliability Map Estimation for CNN-Based Camera Model Attribution
* Spotting the difference: Context retrieval and analysis for improved forgery detection and localization
* Tampering Detection and Localization Through Clustering of Camera-Based CNN Features
* Video Codec Forensics Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
* Video recapture detection based on ghosting artifact analysis
* Who is my parent? Reconstructing video sequences from partially matching shots
Includes: Bestagini, P. Bestagini, P.[Paolo]
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Bestak, R. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.16 Enhanced with Decentrally Controlled Relays
* Analysis of Scanning Time in IEEE802.16m's Handover Procedure, The
* Delay Performance of Session Establishment Signaling in IP Multimedia Subsystem
* Femtocells in 3G Mobile Networks

Bestaoui, Y. Co Author Listing * Motion Generation and Adaptive Control Method of Automated Guided Vehicles in Road Following

Bestehorn, M.[Markus] Co Author Listing * Querying Moving Objects Detected by Sensor Networks

Bester, M.N. Co Author Listing * Assessing 3d Photogrammetry Techniques In Craniometrics

Bestmann, U. Co Author Listing * Martian Swarm Exploration and Mapping Using Laser SLAM
* Single-Layer Laser Scanner for Detection and Localization of Unmanned Swarm Members

Bestul, T. Co Author Listing * On Computing Complete Histograms of Images in Log(n) Steps Using Hypercubes

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