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Bayle, A.[Arthur] Co Author Listing * Climatic Drivers of Greening Trends in the Alps
* Improved Mapping of Mountain Shrublands Using the Sentinel-2 Red-Edge Band

Bayle, F. Co Author Listing * Two-dimensional synthetic aperture images over a land surface scene

Bayle, P.M.[Paul M.] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing of Wave Overtopping on Dynamic Coastal Structures

Bayler, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Algorithm to Bias-Correct and Transform Arctic SMAP-Derived Skin Salinities into Bulk Surface Salinities, An

Bayley, R.J.H. Co Author Listing * fast interval processor, A

Bayley, S.E.[Suzanne E.] Co Author Listing * Wetland Hydroperiod Change Along the Upper Columbia River Floodplain, Canada, 1984 to 2019

Baylina, N.[Nuria] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Methodologies for Detecting Feeding Activity in Aquatic Environment
* Video Based Live Tracking of Fishes in Tanks
Includes: Baylina, N.[Nuria] Baylina, N.[Núria]

Baylon, D.M. Co Author Listing * analysis and efficient implementation of half-pel motion estimation, An
* Computation Control Motion Estimation Method for Complexity-Scalable Video Coding, A
* Estimation of Fade and Dissolve Parameters for Weighted Prediction in H.264/AVC
* Fast Sub-Pixel Motion Estimation Algorithm for H.264/AVC Video Coding, A
* On the Detection of Temporal Field Order in Interlaced Video Data
Includes: Baylon, D.M. Baylon, D.M.[David M.]

Baylou, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * 3D Seismic Data Fusion and Filtering using a PDE-Based Approach
* Active Contours Network to Straighten Distorted Text Lines
* Adaptive Nonlinear Filters for 2D and 3D Image Enhancement
* Assessment of Texture Stationarity Using the Asymptotic Behavior of the Empirical Mean and Variance
* Curvature of oriented patterns: 2-D and 3-D estimation from differential geometry
* deformable and expansible tree for structure recovery, A
* Detection and Three-Dimensional Localization by Stereoscopic Visual Sensor and Its Application to a Robot for Picking Asparagus
* Efficient Algorithm for Computation of Shape Moments from Run-Length Codes or Chain Codes, An
* Extension of the Minimal Path Searching for Structure Recovery
* Level Curve Tracking Algorithm for Textural Feature Extraction
* Line Orientation Operator
* Local Multiple Orientation Estimation: Isotropic and Recursive Oriented Network
* Local Orientation Estimation in Corrupted Images
* Mixed anisotropic diffusion
* Multiple resolution image segmentation using four QP supports of 2D autoregressive model
* Multiscale Characterization of Texture Anistropy
* Multiscale Estimation of Textural Features. Application to the Characterization of Texture Anisotropy
* New 2-D Spectrum Estimate Using Multichannel AR Approach of 2-D Fast RLS Algorithms, A
* new adaptive framework for unbiased orientation estimation in textured images, A
* New Operators for Optimized Orientation Estimation
* Optimal orientation estimators for detection of cylindrical objects
* Orientation Difference Statistics for Texture Description
* Robust nonlinear contrast enhancement filters
* Scale-adaptive orientation estimation
* Sector-based diffusion filtering
* Spectral characterization of orientation data along curvilinear structures
Includes: Baylou, P.[Pierre] Baylou, P.
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Bayly, M. Co Author Listing * Cross-regional in-vehicle information system design: The preferences and comprehension of Australian, US and Chinese drivers

Bayly, P.V.[Philip V.] Co Author Listing * Incompressible Phase Registration for Motion Estimation from Tagged Magnetic Resonance Images
* Phase Vector Incompressible Registration Algorithm for Motion Estimation From Tagged Magnetic Resonance Images
* Refining Shape Correspondence For Similar Objects Using Strain

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