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Barla, A. Co Author Listing * Building Kernels from Binary Strings for Image Matching
* Hausdorff Kernel for 3D Object Acquisition and Detection
* Histogram intersection kernel for image classification
* Old fashioned state-of-the-art image classification
* Temporal Pattern Detection in Time-Varying Graphical Models
* Towards a Theoretical Framework for Learning Multi-modal Patterns for Embodied Agents
* Vector valued regression for iron overload estimation
Includes: Barla, A. Barla, A.[Annalisa]
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Barla, P.[Pascal] Co Author Listing * Diffusion Curves: A Vector Representation for Smooth-Shaded Images

Barlacchi, G. Co Author Listing * Modelling Taxi Drivers' Behaviour for the Next Destination Prediction

Barlach, F.[Flemming] Co Author Listing * linear classifier design approach, A
* Payphone coin validation using pattern recognition

Barlak, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * remotIO: A Sentinel-1 Multi-Temporal InSAR Infrastructure Monitoring Service with Automatic Updates and Data Mining Capabilities

Barlakas, V.[Vasileios] Co Author Listing * Fast Radiative Transfer Approximating Ice Hydrometeor Orientation and Its Implication on IWP Retrievals
* Three Dimensional Radiative Effects in Passive Millimeter/Sub-Millimeter All-sky Observations

Barland, R.[Remi] Co Author Listing * Attentional mechanisms driven adaptive quantization and selective bit allocation scheme for H.264/AVC
* Blind Quality Metric using a Perceptual Importance Map for JPEG-20000 Compressed Images
Includes: Barland, R.[Remi] Barland, R.

Barlas, P.[Philippine] Co Author Listing * Language identification from handwritten documents
* Learning to Detect Tables in Scanned Document Images Using Line Information
Includes: Barlas, P.[Philippine] Barlas, P.

Barlaud, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * email: Barlaud, M.[Michel]: barlaud AT i3s unice fr
* 3-Step Algorithm Using Region-Based Active Contours for Video Objects Detection, A
* 3D Scan-Based Wavelet Transform and Quality Control for Video Coding
* Active Contour Segmentation with a Parametric Shape Prior: Link with the Shape Gradient
* Attenuation map segmentation without reconstruction using a level set method in nuclear medicine imaging
* B-Spline Active Contour with Handling of Topology Changes for Fast Video Segmentation
* B-spline Active Contours for Fast Video Segmentation
* Biomedical Images Classification by Universal Nearest Neighbours Classifier Using Posterior Probability
* Boosting Bayesian MAP Classification
* Boosting k-NN for Categorization of Natural Scenes
* Boosting Stochastic Newton with Entropy Constraint for Large-Scale Image Classification
* Channel adapted multiple description coding scheme using wavelet transform
* Classification and feature selection using a primal-dual method and projection on structured constraints
* Classification of biological cells using bio-inspired descriptors
* Combining shape prior and statistical features for active contour segmentation
* Design of signal-adapted multidimensional lifting scheme for lossy coding
* Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects Using a New Level Set Based Method
* deterministic algorithm for edge-preserving computed imaging using Legendre transform, A
* Deterministic Edge-Preserving Regularization in Computed Imaging
* Distortion-Rate Models for Entropy-Coded Lattice Vector Quantization
* DREAM 2 S: Deformable Regions Driven by an Eulerian Accurate Minimization Method for Image and Video Segmentation
* EBWIC: A Low Complexity and Efficient Rate Constrained Wavelet Image Coder
* Efficient Clustering Using Alternating Minimization And A Projection-Gradient Method For Dimension Reduction
* Entropy-Based Distortion Measure and Bit Allocation for Wavelet Image Compression
* Entropy-Based Distortion Measure for Image Coding
* Fast k nearest neighbor search using GPU
* Fractal Image Compression Based on Delaunay Triangulation and Vector Quantization
* Gentle Nearest Neighbors Boosting over Proper Scoring Rules
* High Dimensional Framework for Joint Color-Spatial Segmentation, A
* High-dimensional statistical distance for region-of-interest tracking: Application to combining a soft geometric constraint with radiometry
* High-Dimensional Statistical Measure for Region-of-Interest Tracking
* Hybrid weighted-stego detection using machine learning
* Image Coding Using Wavelet Transform
* Image restoration using a kNN-variant of the mean-shift
* Intraframe image decoding based on a nonlinear variational approach
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Vector Quantization: Guest Editorial
* Inward and Outward Curve Evolution Using Level Set Method
* Joint Appearance and Deformable Shape for Nonparametric Segmentation
* JPEG2000-Compatible Scalable Scheme for Wavelet-Based Video Coding
* K-nearest neighbor search: Fast GPU-based implementations and application to high-dimensional feature matching
* Learning sparse deep neural networks using efficient structured projections on convex constraints for green AI
* Microwave Imaging: Reconstructions from Experimental-Data Using Conjugate-Gradient and Enhancement by Edge-Preserving Regularization
* Minimum-Entropy Procedure for Robust Motion Estimation, A
* model-based motion compensated video coder with JPEG2000 compatibility, A
* Motion and Appearance Nonparametric Joint Entropy for Video Segmentation
* Motion estimation based on Markov random fields
* Motion Vector Estimation and Encoding for Motion Compensated DWT
* Motion-based segmentation by means of active contours
* Multi-class Leveraged k-NN for Image Classification
* Multiple description coding for internet video streaming
* Multiple description image and video coding for wireless channels
* Multiresolution edge adaptive algorithm for low bit rate image coding
* Multispectral image coding using lattice VQ and the wavelet transform
* Mutual information-based context quantization
* Nonconvex Regularization in Remote Sensing
* Nonlinear image processing: modeling and fast algorithm for regularization with edge detection
* Nonlinear Regularization Using Constrained Edges in Image Reconstruction
* Object-based Motion Method for Video Coding, An
* Optimal Joint Decoding/ Deblurring Method for Optical Images
* Optimal JPEG decoding
* Optimal Motion Estimation for Wavelet Motion Compensated Video Coding
* Optimal weighted model-based bit allocation for quincunx sampled images
* Optimization of the Joint Coding/decoding Structure
* Optimized Lifting Scheme for Two-dimensional Quincunx Sampling Images
* Outer-Layer Based Tracking using Entropy as a Similarity Measure
* Patch confidence k-nearest neighbors denoising
* Poisson statistic and half-quadratic regularization for emission tomography reconstruction algorithm
* Puzzle Temporal Lifting for Wavelet-Based Video Coding
* Pyramidal lattice vector quantization for multiscale image coding
* Quantization noise removal for optimal transform decoding
* Quincunx Lifting Scheme for Lossy Image Compression
* Region-based Active Contours for Video Object Segmentation with Camera Compensation
* Region-based active contours using geometrical and statistical features for image segmentation
* Regular Spatial B-Spline Active Contour for Fast Video Segmentation
* Robust Motion-Based Segmentation in Video Sequences using Entropy Estimator
* Robust Real-Time Segmentation of Images and Videos Using a Smooth-Spline Snake-based algorithm
* Segmentation and Edge-Preserving Restoration
* Segmentation of a Vector Field: Dominant Parameter and Shape Optimization
* Segmentation of Vectorial Image Features Using Shape Gradients and Information Measures
* Shape gradient for multi-modal image segmentation using mutual information
* Shape gradients for histogram segmentation using active contours
* Smoothing B-spline active contour for fast and robust image and video segmentation
* Space-Time Segmentation Based on a Joint Entropy with Estimation of Nonparametric Distributions
* Space-time segmentation using level set active contours applied to myocardial gated SPECT
* Sparse Multiscale Patches for Image Processing
* Spatio-frequency Noise Distribution a Priori for Satellite Image Joint Denoising/deblurring
* Stripe-based MSE control in image coding
* Towards entropy constrained lattice vector quantization
* Tracking video objects using active contours
* Two deterministic half-quadratic regularization algorithms for computed imaging
* Using the Shape Gradient for Active Contour Segmentation: From the Continuous to the Discrete Formulation
* Variational Approach for Edge-Preserving Regularization Using Coupled PDEs
* Video Objects Segmentation Using Eulerian Region-Based Active Contours
* Video segmentation using active contours on a group of pictures
Includes: Barlaud, M.[Michel] Barlaud, M.
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Barleben, A.[Axel] Co Author Listing * Novel Approach for Satellite-Based Turbulence Nowcasting for Aviation, A
* Novel Approach for the Global Detection and Nowcasting of Deep Convection and Thunderstorms, A

Barletta, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Digital curvature estimation for left ventricular shape analysis

Barletta, V.R.[Valentina R.] Co Author Listing * Integrated View of Greenland Ice Sheet Mass Changes Based on Models and Satellite Observations, An

Barletti, T.[Tommaso] Co Author Listing * Contrastive Supervised Distillation for Continual Representation Learning

Barlit, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Iterative Orientation Tuning in V1: A Simple Cell Circuit with Cross-Orientation Suppression
* Iterative Tuning of Simple Cells for Contrast Invariant Edge Enhancement

Barlos, F. Co Author Listing * Hermes Autonomous Vision System: The Flat Quadtree Model

Barlovatz Meimon, G. Co Author Listing * Adaptive filtering and hypothesis testing: Application to cancerous cells detection
* Detection and Counting of in vivo cells to predict cell migratory potential
Includes: Barlovatz Meimon, G. Barlovatz-Meimon, G.

Barlow, J.[Jesse] Co Author Listing * Efficient Block Noise Removal Based on Nonlinear Manifolds
* High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery, DEM Derivatives, and Image Segmentation for the Detection of Mass Wasting Processes
* Moving Towards Dynamic Ocean Management: How Well Do Modeled Ocean Products Predict Species Distributions?
* Ten-Year Landsat Classification of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in the Brazilian Amazon
Includes: Barlow, J.[Jesse] Barlow, J.[John] Barlow, J.[Jay] Barlow, J.[Jos]

Barlow, J.F.[Janet F.] Co Author Listing * Review of Progress and Applications of Pulsed Doppler Wind LiDARs, A

Barlow, M. Co Author Listing * ATOMS: Air Traffic Operations and Management Simulator

Barlow, M.C.[Mary C.] Co Author Listing * Stream Boundary Detection of a Hyper-Arid, Polar Region Using a U-Net Architecture: Taylor Valley, Antarctica

Barlow, R.G.[Raymond G.] Co Author Listing * Variations in Remotely-Sensed Phytoplankton Size Structure of a Cyclonic Eddy in the Southwest Indian Ocean

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