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Banach, M.[Marzena] Co Author Listing * Air Pollution Monitoring System with Prediction Abilities Based on Smart Autonomous Sensors Equipped with ANNs with Novel Training Scheme
* Central Courtyard Feature Extraction in Remote Sensing Aerial Images Using Deep Learning: A Case-Study of Iran
* Hardware Efficient Solutions for Wireless Air Pollution Sensors Dedicated to Dense Urban Areas

Banaee, T.[Touka] Co Author Listing * complementary method for automated detection of microaneurysms in fluorescein angiography fundus images to assess diabetic retinopathy, A

Banaeeyan, R.[Rasoul] Co Author Listing * Deep or Shallow Facial Descriptors? A Case for Facial Attribute Classification and Face Retrieval
* Transferred Semantic Scores for Scalable Retrieval of Histopathological Breast Cancer Images

Banaei Kashani, F.[Farnoush] Co Author Listing * comparative study of two approaches for supporting optimal network location queries, A
* Efficient maximal reverse skyline query processing
* Guest editorial: GeoStreaming
* Users plan optimization for participatory urban texture documentation
Includes: Banaei Kashani, F.[Farnoush] Banaei-Kashani, F.[Farnoush]

Banaeyan, M.[Majid] Co Author Listing * Fast Distance Transforms in Graphs and in Gmaps
* Pyramidal Connected Component Labeling by Irregular Graph Pyramid

Banakar, R.M. Co Author Listing * Memory-efficient spatial prediction image compression scheme

Banakh, V.A.[Viktor A.] Co Author Listing * Effect of Wind Transport of Turbulent Inhomogeneities on Estimation of the Turbulence Energy Dissipation Rate from Measurements by a Conically Scanning Coherent Doppler Lidar
* Estimating the Parameters of Wind Turbulence from Spectra of Radial Velocity Measured by a Pulsed Doppler Lidar
* Impact of Internal Gravity Waves on the Spectra of Turbulent Fluctuations of Vertical Wind Velocity in the Stable Atmospheric Boundary Layer, The
* Lidar Estimates of the Anisotropy of Wind Turbulence in a Stable Atmospheric Boundary Layer
* Lidar Studies of Wind Turbulence in the Stable Atmospheric Boundary Layer
* Wind-Temperature Regime and Wind Turbulence in a Stable Boundary Layer of the Atmosphere: Case Study

Banarer, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * Design of a Multilayered Feed-Forward Neural Network Using Hypersphere Neurons
* Geometric analysis and computing of projective structure and motion
* Geometric Approach for the Theory and Applications of 3D Projective Invariants, A
* Spherical Decision Surfaces Using Conformal Modelling

Banarse, D.S. Co Author Listing * Deformation Invariant Visual Object Recognition: Experiments with a Self-Organizing Neural Architecture

Banasiak, P.Z.[Pawel Zbigniew] Co Author Listing * Semantic Segmentation (U-Net) of Archaeological Features in Airborne Laser Scanning: Example of the Bialowieza Forest

Banaszek, A. Co Author Listing * Feasibility Study Of Inexpensive Thermal Sensors And Small UAS Deployment For Living Human Detection In Rescue Missions Application Scenarios

Banaszek, L.[Lukasz] Co Author Listing * Impact of Vegetation on the Visibility of Archaeological Features in Airborne Laser Scanning Datasets from Different Acquisition Dates, The

Banaszek, S. Co Author Listing * Feasibility Study Of Inexpensive Thermal Sensors And Small UAS Deployment For Living Human Detection In Rescue Missions Application Scenarios

Banati, R.B. Co Author Listing * linear wavelet filter for parametric imaging with dynamic PET, A

Banavar, M.K.[Mahesh K.] Co Author Listing * Group Leakage Overestimates Performance: A Case Study in Keystroke Dynamics

Banavar, R.N.[Ravi N.] Co Author Listing * email: Banavar, R.N.[Ravi N.]: banavar AT ee iitb ernet in
* Risk Sensitive Filters for Recursive Estimation of Motion from Images
Includes: Banavar, R.N.[Ravi N.] Banavar, R.N.

Banavathu, N.R.[Narasimha Rao] Co Author Listing * Optimization of N-out-of-K Rule for Heterogeneous Cognitive Radio Networks

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