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Bampfylde, C.[Caroline] Co Author Listing * Compiling a geospatial database of existing oil sands industrial features for Alberta Environment

Bampi, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Bridging the Gap Between Voltage Over-Scaling and Joint Hardware Accelerator-Algorithm Closed-Loop
* Complexity control of HEVC encoders targeting real-time constraints
* Content-adaptive reference frame compression based on intra-frame prediction for multiview video coding
* Cross-Layer Gate-Level-to-Application Co-Simulation for Design Space Exploration of Approximate Circuits in HEVC Video Encoders, A
* Energy-aware cache hierarchy assessment targeting HEVC encoder execution
* Energy-Throughput Configurable Design for Video Processing Binary Arithmetic Encoder
* ERP-Based CTU Splitting Early Termination for Intra Prediction of 360 videos
* Fast Coding Unit Partition Decision for HEVC Using Support Vector Machines
* FastInter360: A Fast Inter Mode Decision for HEVC 360 Video Coding
* GOP structure adaptive to the video content for efficient H.264/AVC encoding
* High Performance H.264 Deblocking Filter, A
* High Throughput Hardware Architecture for Motion Estimation with 4:1 Pel Subsampling Targeting Digital Television Applications
* High-throughput interpolation hardware architecture with coarse-grained reconfigurable datapaths for HEVC
* Hybrid Scratchpad Video Memory Architecture for Energy-Efficient Parallel HEVC
* memory aware and multiplierless VLSI architecture for the complete Intra Prediction of the HEVC emerging standard, A
* Model Predictive Hierarchical Rate Control With Markov Decision Process for Multiview Video Coding
* Motion Compensation Hardware Accelerator Architecture for H.264/AVC
* multi-level dynamic complexity reduction scheme for multiview video coding, A
* Pipelined 8x8 2-D Forward DCT Hardware Architecture for H.264/AVC High Profile Encoder, A
* Quality and Complexity Assessment of Learning-Based Image Compression Solutions
* Real-time block matching motion estimation onto GPGPU
* reduced memory bandwidth and high throughput HDTV motion compensation decoder for H.264/AVC High 4:2:2 profile, A
* Segmentation and classification of melanocytic skin lesions using local and contextual features
Includes: Bampi, S.[Sergio] Bampi, S.
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Bampis, C.G.[Christos G.] Co Author Listing * Banding vs. Quality: perceptual impact and objective assessment
* Continuous Prediction of Streaming Video QoE Using Dynamic Networks
* Enhancing Temporal Quality Measurements in a Globally Deployed Streaming Video Quality Predictor
* Feature-based prediction of streaming video QoE: Distortions, stalling and memory
* Graph-Driven Diffusion and Random Walk Schemes for Image Segmentation
* Learning to Distort Images Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* Multivariate Statistics for Blind Image Quality Applications
* Natural Scene Statistics for Noise Estimation
* Perceptual Video Quality Prediction Emphasizing Chroma Distortions
* Predicting the Quality of Compressed Videos With Pre-Existing Distortions
* Predicting the Quality of Images Compressed After Distortion in Two Steps
* Projective non-negative matrix factorization for unsupervised graph clustering
* ProxIQA: A Proxy Approach to Perceptual Optimization of Learned Image Compression
* Recurrent and Dynamic Models for Predicting Streaming Video Quality of Experience
* Segmentation and extraction of the spinal canal in sagittal MR images
* Spatiotemporal Feature Integration and Model Fusion for Full Reference Video Quality Assessment
* SpEED-QA: Spatial Efficient Entropic Differencing for Image and Video Quality
* Study of Temporal Effects on Subjective Video Quality of Experience
* Subjective and Objective Study of Space-Time Subsampled Video Quality, A
* Towards Perceptually Optimized Adaptive Video Streaming-A Realistic Quality of Experience Database
* Unifying the random walker algorithm and the SIR model for graph clustering and image segmentation
Includes: Bampis, C.G.[Christos G.] Bampis, C.G.
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Bampis, L.[Loukas] Co Author Listing * Active Learning Paradigm for Online Audio-Visual Emotion Recognition, An
* Appearance-based Loop Closure Detection with Scale-restrictive Visual Features
* Artificial Intelligence As a Low-cost Solution for Museum Visit Digital Content Enrichment: The Case of The Folklore Museum of Xanthi
* Can Speedup Assist Accuracy? An On-Board GPU-Accelerated Image Georeference Method for UAVs
* Deep Feature Space: A Geometrical Perspective
* Deep learning features exception for cross-season visual place recognition
* Revisiting Problem in Simultaneous Localization and Mapping: A Survey on Visual Loop Closure Detection, The
* Tracking-DOSeqSLAM: A dynamic sequence-based visual place recognition paradigm
Includes: Bampis, L.[Loukas] Bampis, L.
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