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Azencot, J.[Jacques] Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Blood-Vessel Segmentation in 3D Images Based on a Right Generalized Cylinder Model: Application to Carotid Arteries
* Segmentation and Quantification of Blood Vessels in 3D Images using a Right Generalized Cylinder State Model
Includes: Azencot, J.[Jacques] Azencot, J.

Azencot, O.[Omri] Co Author Listing * Modes of Homogeneous Gradient Flows

Azencott, R. Co Author Listing * Association of adaptative smoothing and Markovian models for detection of valley bottoms on strongly noisy images
* Automated detection of cowhide defects using Markov random field techniques
* Distance for Elastic Matching in Object Recognition, A
* Markov Fusion of a Pair of Noisy Images to Detect Intensity Valleys
* Multiscale Identification of Buildings in Compressed Large Aerial Scenes
* Non-supervised segmentation using multi-level Markov random fields
* Rigid-Motion-Invariant Classification of 3-D Textures
* Robust Recognition of Buildings in Compressed Large Aerial Scenes
* SEM Image Analysis for Quality Control of Nanoparticles
* Texture Classification Using Windowed Fourier Filters
* Tomographic Reconstruction of Axisymmetrical Objects From One View by Model Approximation
* Transfer-Function Estimation, Film Fusion and Image Restoration
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