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Aykut, M.[Murat] Co Author Listing * AAM-based palm segmentation in unrestricted backgrounds and various postures for palmprint recognition
* Developing a contactless palmprint authentication system by introducing a novel ROI extraction method
* Gait Recognition Using Multiple Projections
* Improved gait recognition by multiple-projections normalization
* Improvement on GrabCut with CLAHE for the Segmentation of the Objects with Ambiguous Boundaries, An
* Kernel Principal Component Analysis of Gabor Features for Palmprint Recognition

Aykut, T. Co Author Listing * Delay Compensation for Actuated Stereoscopic 360 Degree Telepresence Systems with Probabilistic Head Motion Prediction
* Efficient Map Compression for Collaborative Visual SLAM
Includes: Aykut, T. Aykut, T.[Tamay]

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