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Ayan, A.S. Co Author Listing * Derivation and Validation of a Sensitivity Formula for Slit-Slat Collimation

Ayana, A.N.[Alemayehu N.] Co Author Listing * Operational Large-Area Land-Cover Mapping: An Ethiopia Case Study

Ayana, E.K.[Essayas K.] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Dynamics and Environmental Controlling Factors of the Lake Tana Water Hyacinth in Ethiopia

Ayanegui, H.[Huberto] Co Author Listing * Recognizing Patterns of Dynamic Behaviors Based on Multiple Relations in Soccer Robotics Domain

Ayani, M.[Mohit] Co Author Listing * Prediction of CO2 Saturation Spatial Distribution Using Geostatistical Inversion of Time-Lapse Geophysical Data

Ayanian, N. Co Author Listing * Overview: A Hierarchical Framework for Plan Generation and Execution in Multirobot Systems

Ayankojo, I.T.[Ibukun T.] Co Author Listing * Advances in the Application of Small Unoccupied Aircraft Systems (sUAS) for High-Throughput Plant Phenotyping

Ayanoglu, E. Co Author Listing * Forward error control for MPEG-2 video transport in a wireless ATM LAN
* Ghost cancellation of analog TV signals: with applications to IDTV, EDTV, and HDTV
* Video transport in wireless ATM
Includes: Ayanoglu, E. Ayanoglu, E.[Ender]

Ayantobo, O.O.[Olusola O.] Co Author Listing * Application of Ground-Based Microwave Radiometer in Retrieving Meteorological Characteristics of Tibet Plateau

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