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Askam, E.[Ethan] Co Author Listing * Satellite and sUAS Multispectral Remote Sensing Analysis of Vegetation Response to Beaver Mimicry Restoration on Blacktail Creek, Southwest Montana

Askar, S. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Segmentation for Advanced Disparity Estimation in Immersive Videoconference Applications
* Segmentation-Based Postprocessing in Real-Time Immersive Video Conferencing

Askar, S.S.[Sameh S.] Co Author Listing * Cryptographic algorithm based on pixel shuffling and dynamical chaotic economic map
* Deep Learning-Based Improved WCM Technique for Soil Moisture Retrieval with Satellite Images
Includes: Askar, S.S.[Sameh S.] Askar, S.S.

Askari, D.[Dariush] Co Author Listing * COLI-Net: Deep learning-assisted fully automated COVID-19 lung and infection pneumonia lesion detection and segmentation from chest computed tomography images

Askari, F.[Farzaneh] Co Author Listing * Interaction Classification with Key Actor Detection in Multi-Person Sports Videos

Askari, G.[Ghasem] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Different Algorithms to Map Hydrothermal Alteration Zones Using ASTER Remote Sensing Data for Polymetallic Vein-Type Ore Exploration: Toroud-Chahshirin Magmatic Belt (TCMB), North Iran

Askari, H.[Hassan] Co Author Listing * Tire Force Estimation in Intelligent Tires Using Machine Learning

Askari, M.S.[Mohammad Sadegh] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Grass Quality under Different Soil Management Scenarios Using Remote Sensing Techniques

Askari, S.I.[Sima Ipakchian] Co Author Listing * Receiving a Mediated Touch From Your Partner vs. a Male Stranger: How Visual Feedback of Touch and Its Sender Influence Touch Experience

Askarian, N.[Narjes] Co Author Listing * Inductive Biases for Low Data VQA: A Data Augmentation Approach

Askarin, M.M.[Mohammad Mogharen] Co Author Listing * Planting attack on latent fingerprints

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