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Asha, V. Co Author Listing * Automatic extraction of texture-periodicity using superposition of distance matching functions and their forward differences
* GLCM-based chi-square histogram distance for automatic detection of defects on patterned textures

Ashab, H.A.D.[Hussam Al Deen] Co Author Listing * Solutions for Missing Parameters in Computer-Aided Diagnosis with Multiparametric Imaging Data
Includes: Ashab, H.A.D.[Hussam Al Deen] Ashab, H.A.D.[Hussam Al-Deen]

Ashalley, E. Co Author Listing * Hybrid single image dehazing with bright channel and dark channel priors

Ashamol, V.G. Co Author Listing * Diffusion-based image denoising combining curvelet and wavelet

Ashani, Z.[Zvika] Co Author Listing * Architectural Considerations for Video Content Analysis in Urban Surveillance

Ashapure, A.[Akash] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of RGB and Multispectral Sensor-Based Cotton Canopy Cover Modelling Using Multi-Temporal UAS Data, A
* Comparison of Vegetation Indices Derived from UAV Data for Differentiation of Tillage Effects in Agriculture
* Developing a machine learning based cotton yield estimation framework using multi-temporal UAS data
* novel framework to detect conventional tillage and no-tillage cropping system effect on cotton growth and development using multi-temporal UAS data, A
* Plant Counting of Cotton from UAS Imagery Using Deep Learning-Based Object Detection Framework
* Tar Spot Disease Quantification Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Data

Asharaf, S. Co Author Listing * adaptive rough fuzzy single pass algorithm for clustering large data sets, An
* CYGNSS Surface Heat Flux Product Development
* Rough Core Vector Clustering
* Rough set based incremental clustering of interval data
* Rough support vector clustering
* Scalable non-linear Support Vector Machine using hierarchical clustering
Includes: Asharaf, S. Asharaf, S.[Shakeel]

Asharif, M.R. Co Author Listing * Character Recognition Algorithm Based on the Central Location and Polar Projection
* Hybrid Segmentation Framework for Computer-Assisted Dental Procedures, A
* Perceptual Adaptation of Image Based on Chevreul: Mach Bands Visual Phenomenon
* theoretical discussion on the foundation of Stone's blind source separation, A
Includes: Asharif, M.R. Asharif, M.R.[Mohammad Reza]

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