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Arshad, H.[Haslina] Co Author Listing * Developmental Analysis of a Markerless Hybrid Tracking Technique for Mobile Augmented Reality Systems
* Virtual Visualisation Laboratory for Science and Mathematics Content (Vlab-SMC) with Special Reference to Teaching and Learning of Chemistry
* Visualization of the Newly Designed Jig and Fixture for Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery

Arshad, L. Co Author Listing * Wound model reconstruction from three-dimensional skin surface imaging using the convex hull approximation method

Arshad, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Beacon trust management system and fake data detection in vehicular ad-hoc networks

Arshad, R.[Rabia] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Image Postprocessing Using Windowing Technique
* Modified Singular Point Detection Algorithm, A
* Shortest Processing Time Scheduling to Reduce Traffic Congestion in Dense Urban Areas
* Swift and Memory Efficient Hough Transform for Systems with Limited Fast Memory, A
Includes: Arshad, R.[Rabia] Arshad, R.[Rizwana]

Arshad, S.Z. Co Author Listing * End-User Development for Interactive Data Analytics: Uncertainty, Correlation and User Confidence

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