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Arima, E.Y.[Eugenio Y.] Co Author Listing * Fragmentation of Space in the Amazon Basin: Emergent Road Networks, The

Arima, Y.[Yuya] Co Author Listing * Construction of a Database of Pi-SAR2 Observation Data by Calibration and Scattering Power Decomposition Using the ABCI
* Spatial 3D imaging by synthetic and digitized holography
Includes: Arima, Y.[Yuya] Arima, Y.[Yasuaki]

Ariman, S.[Sema] Co Author Listing * Deep Multitask Semisupervised Learning Approach for Chlorophyll-a Retrieval from Remote Sensing Images, A

Arimasa, T.[Taichi] Co Author Listing * Detection of view-disturbing noise by using time-axial clustering in spatio-temporal image

Arimitsu, H.[Hiroshi] Co Author Listing * Digital Archives and Virtual Exhibitions of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritages

Arimizu, N. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Image Fidelity by Means of the Fidelogram and Level Mean-Square Error

Arimoto, H. Co Author Listing * Coherence-Based 3-D and Spectral Imaging and Laser-Scanning Microscopy

Arimoto, K.[Kazutami] Co Author Listing * Acceleration of DCT Processing with Massive-Parallel Memory-Embedded SIMD Matrix Processor
* Implementation and evaluation of FAST corner detection on the massively parallel embedded processor MX-G
* Real-Time Huffman Encoder with Pipelined CAM-Based Data Path and Code-Word-Table Optimizer

Arimoto, S. Co Author Listing * Active Binocular Stereo
* Automatic fixing of ship position by simulation-and-matching
* Construction of the Octree Approximating Three-Dimensional Objects by Using Multiple Views
* Fast Algorithm for Building the Octree for a Three-Dimensional Object from Its Multiple Images, A
Includes: Arimoto, S. Arimoto, S.[Suguru]

Arimura, K. Co Author Listing * Feature space design for image recognition with image screening
* Image screening based on projection pursuit for image recognition

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