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Ariga, R.[Rina] Co Author Listing * SMOD - Data Augmentation Based on Statistical Models of Deformation to Enhance Segmentation in 2D Cine Cardiac MRI

Arigbabu, O.[Olasimbo] Co Author Listing * Novel Method for Race Determination of Human Skulls, A

Arigbabu, O.A.[Olasimbo Ayodeji] Co Author Listing * Can Computer Vision Techniques be Applied to Automated Forensic Examinations? A Study on Sex Identification from Human Skulls Using Head CT Scans
* Integration of multiple soft biometrics for human identification
* Recent advances in facial soft biometrics

Arige, A. Co Author Listing * HEVC intra-frame drift cancellation matrix

Arigela, S.[Saibabu] Co Author Listing * Adaptive and Non Linear Technique for Enhancement of Extremely High Contrast Images, An
* Adaptive and Nonlinear Techniques for Visibility Improvement of Hazy Images
* Enhancement of Hazy Color Images Using a Self-Tunable Transformation Function
* Neural Network Based Methodology for Automatic Detection of Whale Blows in Infrared Video
* Nonlinear Enhancement of Extremely High Contrast Images for Visibility Improvement
* Visibility improvement of aerial imagery by a locally tuned nonlinear enhancement technique

Arigovindan, M. Co Author Listing * Fast Roughness Minimizing Image Restoration Under Mixed Poisson-Gaussian Noise
* Full Motion and Flow Field Recovery From Echo Doppler Data
* Image Restoration by Combined Order Regularization With Optimal Spatial Adaptation
* Multigrid image reconstruction from arbitrarily spaced samples
* Multiresolution moment filters
* Multiresolution Moment Filters: Theory and Applications
* Multiresolution-based weighted regularization for denoised image interpolation from scattered samples with application to confocal microscopy
* Myocardial Motion Analysis From B-Mode Echocardiograms
* Nested Conjugate Gradient Algorithm With Nested Preconditioning for Non-Linear Image Restoration
* Variational Image Reconstruction From Arbitrarily Spaced Samples: A Fast Multiresolution Spline Solution
Includes: Arigovindan, M. Arigovindan, M.[Muthuvel]
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