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Antic, A.[Aleksandar] Co Author Listing * Soya Yield Prediction on a Within-Field Scale Using Machine Learning Models Trained on Sentinel-2 and Soil Data

Antic, B.[Borislav] Co Author Listing * Joint Domain-Range Modeling of Dynamic Scenes with Adaptive Kernel Bandwidth
* K-means based segmentation for real-time zenithal people counting
* Learning Latent Constituents for Recognition of Group Activities in Video
* Less Is More: Video Trimming for Action Recognition
* Optimal wavelet differencing method for robust motion detection
* Per-Sample Kernel Adaptation for Visual Recognition and Grouping
* Real-time Stable Texture Regions Extraction for Motion-based Object Segmentation
* Robust Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects in Traffic Video Surveillance
* Robust Multiple-Instance Learning with Superbags
* Robust sparse image denoising
* Video parsing for abnormality detection
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Antic, D.[Dimitrije] Co Author Listing * Pose-NDF: Modeling Human Pose Manifolds with Neural Distance Fields

Antich, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * particle filter-based approach for tracking undersea narrow telecommunication cables, A

Antichi, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * Application of Remote Sensing Techniques to Discriminate the Effect of Different Soil Management Treatments over Rainfed Vineyards in Chianti Terroir

Antidze, N.[Nikoloz] Co Author Listing * Applying Close Range Non-Destructive Techniques for the Detection of Conservation Problems in Rock-Carved Cultural Heritage Sites

Antifora, C.D. Co Author Listing * Information Capture and Semantic Indexing of Digital Libraries Through Machine Learning Techniques

Antiga, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Avalanche: an End-to-End Library for Continual Learning
* Computational geometry for patient-specific reconstruction and meshing of blood vessels from MR and CT angiography
* Framework for Geometric Analysis of Vascular Structures: Application to Cerebral Aneurysms, A
* Robust and Objective Decomposition and Mapping of Bifurcating Vessels
Includes: Antiga, L.[Luca] Antiga, L.

Antikainen, H.[Harri] Co Author Listing * Using the Hierarchical Pathfinding A* Algorithm in GIS to Find Paths through Rasters with Nonuniform Traversal Cost

Antikainen, J.[Jukka] Co Author Listing * Real-time PCA calculation for spectral imaging (using SIMD and GP-GPU)
* Wood cellular structure evaluation using image analysis methods
Includes: Antikainen, J.[Jukka] Antikainen, J.

Antila, K. Co Author Listing * Methods of Artificial Enlargement of the Training Set for Statistical Shape Models
* Model-Based Segmentation of Reconstructed Dental X-Ray Volumes

Antill, C.W. Co Author Listing * High-Precision and High-Accuracy Column Dry-Air Mixing Ratio Measurement of Carbon Dioxide Using Pulsed 2-mu_m IPDA Lidar

Antill, M.[Marlee] Co Author Listing * Camera-Based Method for Collecting Rapid Vegetation Data to Support Remote-Sensing Studies of Shrubland Biodiversity, A

Antin, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Large-Scale Video Classification with Feature Space Augmentation Coupled with Learned Label Relations and Ensembling

Antini, G. Co Author Listing * Curvature Correlograms for Content Based Retrieval of 3D Objects

Antink, C.H.[Christoph Hoog] Co Author Listing * Unobtrusive Measurement of Physiological Features Under Simulated and Real Driving Conditions

Antioquia, A.M.C. Co Author Listing * Single-Fusion Detector: Towards Faster Multi-Scale Object Detection

Antipov, G.[Grigory] Co Author Listing * Apparent Age Estimation from Face Images Combining General and Children-Specialized Deep Learning Models
* Effective training of convolutional neural networks for face-based gender and age prediction
* Face aging with conditional generative adversarial networks
* How Transferable are Reasoning Patterns in VQA?
* Minimalistic CNN-based ensemble model for gender prediction from face images
* Roses are Red, Violets are Blue… But Should VQA expect Them To?
Includes: Antipov, G.[Grigory] Antipov, G.

Antiukh, M.[Mikhail] Co Author Listing * Data-Free Network Compression via Parametric Non-uniform Mixed Precision Quantization

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