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Alsefry, S.[Saleh] Co Author Listing * Mapping the Distribution of Shallow Groundwater Occurrences Using Remote Sensing-Based Statistical Modeling over Southwest Saudi Arabia

Alsehaim, A.[Aishah] Co Author Listing * Not 3D Re-ID: Simple Single Stream 2D Convolution for Robust Video Re-identification

Alsene Racicot, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * Parametric Scattering Networks
Includes: Alsene Racicot, L.[Laurent] AlsÚne-Racicot, L.[Laurent]

Alsenwi, M.[Madyan] Co Author Listing * Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in Multi-UAV-Assisted Two-Stage Edge Computing for Beyond 5G Networks
* Intelligent and Reliable Millimeter Wave Communications for RIS-Aided Vehicular Networks

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