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Alkobaisi, S.[Shayma] Co Author Listing * Interactive Framework for Spatial Joins: A Statistical Approach to Data Analysis in GIS, An
* IRSJ: incremental refining spatial joins for interactive queries in GIS
* Web data retrieval: solving spatial range queries using k-nearest neighbor searches

Alkon, D.L.[Daniel L.] Co Author Listing * artificial neural network system for temporal-spatial sequence processing, An
* new approach to hand-written character recognition, A
Includes: Alkon, D.L.[Daniel L.] Alkon, D.L.

Alkoot, F.[Fuad] Co Author Listing * discriminative parametric approach to video-based score-level fusion for biometric authentication, A

Alkoot, F.M. Co Author Listing * Experimental Evaluation of Expert Fusion Strategies
* Improving the Performance of the Product Fusion Strategy
* Modified product fusion
* Sum versus vote fusion in multiple classifier systems

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